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The creature who would call himself Maelstrom was the son of the Inhuman scientist, Phaederwho was a scientific rival of then Inhumans king Agonfather of Black Bolt. Phaeder was something of a radical by Inhuman standards, he suggested cloning as a possible means to extend the lifespan of the Inhuman race, and the ruling council, led by Agon, voted to exile Phaeder. Phaeder sensing which way the wind was blowing, secretly cloned himself in order to fake his own death and vanished. Phaeder traveled to a small island in the south Pacific to continue his research in secret. There he discovered a fellow exile, Morga, but this lovely woman was a Deviant.

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How to work around hook-up culture bashing and "slut-shaming. What might help us, of course, is more communication, which we might see more of if we knew people weren't going to judge us for our choices. But when you understand how to not catch feelings with a casual hookup, only then can you truly be in control of yourself. I've come up with a short list to help you stay focused in this vast world of dating, to have a more healthy and meaningful way to date by means of respect for yourself and others so that dating can actually be a peaceful and enjoyable experience. And, of course, should you choose to hook up, you're not doing so blindly. This is basically knowing what you want out of dating.

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