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Common sense would seem to indicate that a Gemini man and Cancer woman would not be compatible by zodiac sign. A Gemini man is talkative and a little flighty. A Cancer woman is quiet, shy, and extremely sensitive. A Gemini man needs lots of variety, whereas a Cancer woman needs security and reassurance. Surprisingly though, a Gemini man and Cancer woman are much more compatible than would otherwise be expected.

She is a caring and empathetic individual who is emotionally quite strong. The Air element in Gemini makes him an intellectual person accompanied by smart thinking process and reasoning capacity. The Water element in Cancer makes her more adaptable to situations, ever flowing and swerving in her essence. This Gemini man and Cancer woman love compatibility is full of ups and downs, a wavy path to consider and deal with.

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The zodiac sign Cancer woman is someone who will try to give her best when she is in a relationship. She will show a lot of empathy, affection and love. She will make sure that she is able to fulfill his dreams and wishes by doing the appropriate. But it becomes a task when she is not able to grasp what her partner, in this case the male Gemini, wants. He is someone who is often confused, because of his twin nature that he has to deal with all the time.

The male Gemini does not do this on purpose, but it is sometimes challenging for him to discover himself in his purest form. He trusts her a lot, which is the best part in the relationship.

And thus there are chances for the compatibility of Gemini man and Cancer woman to bloom, like a flower.

Jan 31,   A Cancer man and a Gemini woman are very different from each other, but as a couple, they get along much better than would be expected. There is a hidden relationship between Cancer and Gemini known as susanneill.comia are signs that are mirror images to each other along the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which mark the two Cynthia Thinnes. Gemini Woman And Cancer Man Relationship - Pros. The Gemini woman and Cancer man couple in love are complementary in life. He sees himself as dignified and chivalrous, and she sees a knight in shining is drawn to his sensitive and romantic nature, for he is one of the few who treats her like a true Donna Roberts. Gemini Man and Cancer Woman: Nature of Bonding. This is a combination of the mutable Air Gemini and the cardinal Water Cancer, which may have possibilites of a great relationship if the differences in them are taken care of, in this Gemini man and Cancer woman love compatibility test.

The female Gemini is blessed by the Moon, which always makes her a step ahead in knowing what is going on in his mind. She will understand when he is restless, inspite of him being calm and composed outside.

The male Gemini is someone who is not attached to anyone, be it his relatives or a place. He keeps on roaming here and there until he finds someone who can cling to his heart forever.

The female Cancer has this quality of being adhere with the male Gemini which he may find solacing enough to be with her and spend his life with the woman who loves him. As far as the physical relationship holds, they exhibit a good combination of passion, emotion and sensuality.

The male Gemini is quite sensual in his ways of expressing love and affection through his touch and the female Cancer gets emotionally attached to him during the process of love making. This makes them have a good intimate relationship with one another.

Gemini man - information and insights on the Gemini man. Gemini woman - information and insights on the Gemini woman. Gemini horoscope - daily, weekly and monthly Gemini horoscopes. Gemini compatibility - the compatibility of gemini with the other astrological signs in love, sex, relationships and life. Gemini Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility - Pros. If a Gemini Man is willing to make a strong commitment, which he usually won't, to a Cancer Woman then there are a few benefits that she has to offer. She is very well organized and can bring financial balance into the life of a Erica Garvin. When the Air of Gemini man and Water of Cancer woman mix, sexually, they form an aromatic cool breeze that keeps growing with growing nearness. The Gemini man and the Cancer woman have a strong intimate relationship in the mind and at emotional level over a physical relationship.

There are a lot of challenges that this Gemini Cancer love match has to face while being together in a relationship. One of the things that the female Cancer is always fearful about is the security related to the financial cts.

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She may trouble him by asking from him a sense of safety, monetarily. The male Gemini may not like the amount of pressure that she may put him through which may worsen the situation in the relation that they may share. It is important for her to believe in him when he is going though a rough patch in life. A Cancer man desires a wife and children, and he will move faster than she will be comfortable with to bring the relationship to this point.

Even if she likes them, she may be reluctant to settle down. Hesitation on her part will hurt his feelings, and at this point, their relationship will either move forward or dissolve.

There is not much natural sexual chemistry between a Cancer man and a Gemini woman. He is emotional, and she is more cerebral. For her, sex is a lot more playful than it is for him, and he will want more in the way of tenderness and depth. Still, she is adaptable and he desires to please his partner, so they should be able to create a mutually satisfying sex life.

Jan 23,   Common sense would seem to indicate that a Gemini man and Cancer woman would not be compatible by zodiac sign. A Gemini man is talkative and a little flighty. A Cancer woman is quiet, shy, and extremely sensitive. A Gemini man needs lots of variety, whereas a Cancer woman needs security and reassurance. Surprisingly though, a Gemini man and Author: Cynthia Thinnes. Cancer Man and Gemini Woman: Nature of Bonding. The Cancer man Gemini woman love compatibility is a beautiful journey with some twists which can be taken care of, if apprehended properly. The forth sign of the zodiac is ruled by the Moon, which represents one's true self, the emotions and is affiliated to the unconscious state of the mind.

There are some challenges to a Cancer man and Gemini woman building a life together as husband and wife. The biggest challenges are that he wants a lot more support than she is willing to give, and she wants more freedom than he is willing to allow.

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While these problems might not be so obvious while they are dating, they will become more and more difficult to manage as the years go by. On the other hand, there are also some advantages that they have as well. One of the biggest advantages is her adaptability. His emotional state is very changeable, and he is very sensitive.

A Cancer man has a soft and tender inner self, which he can hide underneath a tough and irritable exterior. She will be able to stay calm and relaxed no matter what mood he is in.

Furthermore, a Cancer man is usually happy to cook and to take on other household chores. This will please a Gemini woman because often these chores can be tedious and boring. It will also free up time for her to spend learning and socializing, which will decrease the risk that she will have a desire to stray.

A Cancer man and Gemini woman will do well as parents together. He will greatly enjoy having children and will be the more nurturing of the two. She will balance his moodiness with her lightheartedness, and she will also help him to let go as the children get older and need more independence. A Cancer man and Gemini woman balance each other well when working together. She is intelligent and able to do many things, but she often lacks direction, and it is hard for her to organize her time.

He is able to see what needs to be done and to provide direction, but sometimes his emotions get in the way.

Together, they will accomplish a lot more than either of them would do individually. A Cancer man and Gemini woman will generally be able to coexist without conflict. While a Cancer man can be irritable, a Gemini woman usually will not engage in an argument. There is one big difference between the two, though, that could be a problem.

Cancer woman dating gemini man

A Cancer man can sometimes be very controlling. It is not that he is particularly possessive or jealous, it is that he wants the best for her and for his family.

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He will think that he knows what is best. Whether or not he does know what is best, she will not take kindly to restrictions on her freedom. In particular, she wants to be able to socialize whenever she feels like it.

The problem is, that if she goes out without him, even if she is being completely faithful, she may not be home when she says she is going to be.

He is relaxed and easy-going.

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There is very little that will anger or upset him. This makes him easy to live with. Above all things, Cancer woman is a nurturer. She wants and needs to take care of somebody. With respect to relationships, she gravitates towards those who seem to need her. She often becomes a mother figure to her partner. A Cancer woman is often shy, and some Cancer women have a gruff and standoffish outer exterior.

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This makes it hard for her to meet new people. Like the crab who is her symbol, she has a soft underbelly.


A Cancer woman is very sensitive, and she is easily hurt. This is why she protects herself from others. On the other hand, when she is concerned about another person, she will defend them without any consideration for herself. This is why she is at her best when she has someone to take care of.

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Cancer is known for her moodiness, and so she does best with a partner who is not easily upset. There are very few men who can get past the shell of a Cancer woman. A Gemini man is one of them. A Gemini man will be interested in anyone new who is in the room.

For this reason, even if the Cancer woman is sitting quietly in a corner, he is likely to approach her and start a conversation. He is so cheerful and friendly that it will be hard for even the most reticent Cancer woman to rebuff him. He is genuinely interested in anyone he meets, at least at first.

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This can make any woman feel special. The playful and sometimes immature demeanor of a Gemini man will make a Cancer woman want to be Wendy to his Peter Pan.

Are Gemini & Cancer Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

Although sometimes she will seem annoyed by him, she will be happy for someone she is able to take care of. When she gets worried, emotional, or upset, he will be able to calm her down and make her laugh. Rather than causing problems in the relationship, her moodiness will make her interesting to him. She is changeable enough that she can hold his attention. As in every other area of life, a Gemini man likes to try many different things in the bedroom.

For him, sex is almost a game. Even so, he is considerate of his partner, and he wants to please her.

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He will become quickly bored, though, if there is not enough variety. A Cancer woman is tender and passionate in bed. She is very emotional, and she tends to form emotional bonds around sex. Together, they will do well for the most part. She may become a little too needy for him, and he may seem a little too shallow for her, however. Although a Gemini man and Cancer woman will find each other attractive in the early stages, they may have difficulty sustaining a long-term marriage.

The Peter Pan and Wendy combination may be fun while dating, but it may grow old as time wears on. It will be hard for a Gemini man to provide a Cancer woman with the emotional support that she needs.

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