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New relationships are a fun time. Your sanity eclipses, your brain can only think in sequences of hypothetical futures, you're ripe with stories of how "meant to be" you are, and there is little that can be done to quell your delusion. It is likewise a time of agony and ecstasy for your Best Friend. The truth is that there are few if any other moments in life where best friend duties go soaring to the forefront of importance, so the few times where you need them to be creeps on Facebook and assistant wedding planners and makeshift therapists while you work out all your issues aren't just favors - they're a call to BFF arms. There is no denying the crucial role your best friend plays in any new relationship.

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Be patient and kind. And understanding.

Just like you. Part of life.

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But they might also be hesitant to tell you stories of past sexual conquests now, or not be so comfortable wearing their most homely of sweats around you, or whatever it is that makes them feel self-conscious that used to be just fine. Roll with it.

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If you were in a groove with your friend, you will likely have to adjust your groove. Maybe you used to eat pizza every Wednesday night and pass out unconscious next to each other on the couch, but now they want to cook you a five-course meal and show off their knife skills.

When your friends start dating meme

They are trying to impress you in a different way now, and will perhaps be holding you up in a new, more idealized light. We treat our lovers different than the way we treat our friends.

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This obviously includes sex stuff, but you may also find out more about their family, or their desires, or the way they see the world. Who knows. That is important, and can remain foremost in your relationship if you let it.

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I know you guys used to be the three amigos, and you want to spend time with them always, but remember they're a couple now. Don't feel like you're being excluded from the party. They just need their couple time, just like you sometimes need your alone time.

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I've lost a few friends when they got into a relationship. They're wrapped up in love and unaware they're not spending as much time with you. If you feel a little neglected because they're in a relationship now, don't feel bad about speaking up. Even just a reminder that you miss them and want to hang out is nice.

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When two of your besties start dating, you may immediately think it's the most magical thing in the world. You might get so excited, you legit start planning a wedding.

Don't get too invested in this relationship. It may sound like a dream come true for now, but just know a lot of couples don't work out.

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Your besties always need your love and support, and now is no exception to the rule. Sometimes how you feel about the relationship really affects how your friends feel, too.

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If they feel like you're not supportive, it could hurt them. You want to seem as positive as possible, even if you're cautious about the whole thing.

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By Rachel Chapman.

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