Are song ji hyo kim jong kook dating rumors that

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What is the truth behind this rumor? In conclusion, the article proved to be false. Source 1. Well, here's a summary:. Edit: grain of salt thing applies here. I mean, it feels random and there's no evidence?

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Song Ji Hyo responded, " There were even news articles on it, I was really surprised. Are we getting married?

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Kim Jong Kook (Secrets Dating) Songjihyo Unnie??????

Posted by mkim93 34 pts Sunday, December 24, Share this article. Times RM proved his high IQ of Big Hit Entertainment announces executive restructuring. Edit: I honestly don't know why everybody is cursing us shippers, lol. We are taking all this with an even bigger grain of salt than the others and honestly, did not mean either of the articles to go viral.


The only conjecture I can arrive to from the original article and from the Naver one, is that at least SA as a ship is getting acknowledged. It said fans spread the information about married on SNS very quickly.

The rumor started with an article titled, "Running Man's Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo in love. 'Marriage.' They should be congratulated." It turns out the article was made up of assumptions and opinions rather than facts and confirmations from Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo. Feb 12,   Singer Kim Jong Kook and actress Song Ji Hyo of aˆ?Running Manaˆ have been swept up in dating rumors. Recently, thereaˆs been a rumor floating around online saying that theyaˆre either dating or getting married soon. What is the truth behind this rumor? The rumor started with an article titled. Dec 24,   On 'Running Man' this week, Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook responded to the dating rumors between them. During the episode, each member brought gifts with special memories attached to them. Kim.

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji-hyo is on hot search from the last four days. Even in RM, Kim Jong Kook,Song Ji-hyo relation and appearance might be look like more than friend, it led to netizen to thinking something happen between them and start the rumors about married.

Dec 24,   In the upcoming episode of "Running Man," Song Ji Hyo addresses her rumored romance with fellow cast member Kim Jong Kook! Rumors have recently been circulating amongst fans of the SBS variety.

In conclusion, this article have no fact. Nevertheless, the article are spreading worldwide already happened. The article is accepted without a real fact been reported.

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A newbie article author is absurd. Spartace shippers are so annoying.

Jan 02,   In this article, we will discuss his interesting love-line with Song Ji-hyo and the truth of Kim Jong-kook's real love life. Dating Rumors with Actress Song Ji-hyo The main cast of Running Man are like family, so it's not surprising if dating rumors spread among them. A few months ago, Running Man members were curious about. Jan 18,   Jan 18, ; AceShowbiz - As %cSong Ji Hyoand %cKim Jong Kookcontinue to show lovely moments on "Running Man", rumors of the two South Korean stars dating in real life keep running rampant. Feb 06,   Singer Kim Jong Kook and actress Song Ji Hyo of "Running Man" have been swept up in dating rumors. Recently, there's been a rumor floating around online saying that they're either dating.

Always putting down Monday couple to lift their ship. Do they honestly think if joongkook and ji hyo r marrying they ll still have a monday couple thing going on.

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They're too close to be dating tbh like a family. I've been convinced they like each other for years. Wasn't there a blind item about a couple on a popular variety show?

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I ran like a mad woman on Black Friday to read the news but it turns out to be just a rumour based on shippers' observation. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

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Song ji hyo kim jong kook dating rumors

Posted February 6, If you search Kim Jong Kook on an online community, related searches are always marriage, dating, evidence, etc Netizens think this rumor is out of the blue bc of the popularity of Monday Couple. Also, when Song Ji Hyo broke up with her boyfriend, there were rumors that it was because of Gary. One of the main reasons dating rumors like "Kim Jong Kook-Song Ji Hyo kiss", "dating evidence", etc are becoming an issue is because "the two look exceptionally close, people have frequently witnessed Kim Jong Kook personally taking a lot of care of Song Ji Hyo.

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Many netizens have reacted to their dating rumors with comments like "This is something to congratulate," and "In please let the two of them marry. If his dating rumors with Song Ji Hyo are true, the possibility of them getting married is high, so they must receive a lot of congratulations Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook and Son Ji Hyo are hugely popular in Asia through Running Man, and are receiving a lot of love from the public.

However, making a big decision in one's life is the most important thing?

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