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Password reset instructions sent to your email. For most of us, it is the right mix of chemistry, compatibility, and shared interests. Scammers know that choosing the right photographs to trick you is imperative. Join us as we review some of the most used pictures used by Nigerian scammers. Nigerian romance scams are no laughing matter.

From Valcea Romainia. Is a lier and scammer. Yes is my fault but the world needs to no about this lady. Took over gbp from me since March. I really need to get her photo on the Internet so others do not waste there life and money on her. But form what you said - you are being scammed. Stop talking to strangers if how you start. Im looking for a tiffany felicia fitcher who goes to hostel school in new york.

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They are VERY convincing. Stop sending money and see how fast they drop you.

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Want me to send On March 30, Of course they are, and you knew that or you would not have asked. All it takes is common sense and listening to your own instincts! I tried reporting scammer, however they used Facebook and WhatsApp. Please help me to get this information out there.

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Share The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Contact AgainstScams. Its founder has been involved in combating online fraud since This is the photo gallery of pictures that are most frequently used in scams. These pictures have been abused by scammers for many years, and in spite of warnings on many scamlists, they STILL keep resurfacing over and over again.

In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana. People on the pictures are not associated with scammers in any way, they are just victims of identity theft. The character they have created is romantic and down to earth, which is why so many people fall for them and fast. They want nothing more than to meet, date, and be with you forever.

How are Nigerian scammers are so successful at deceiving smart, savvy, otherwise careful people? The answer is that these scammers have plenty of practice and you are not their only victim. While you are being scammed, they are also scamming or attempting to scam, many others at the same time. Frighteningly enough, the above represents only a fraction of Nigerian scammers favorite scams.

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Here is the playbook and scripts these scammers use. How do we know this? From experience; we helped thousands of scam victims over the years. Their contact might feel random and unexpected. If their goal is a romance scam, they might tell you, later, that it was chance or destiny that brought you together, but they messaged multiple people and targeted you because you were financially secure, middle-aged or older, seemed vulnerable or depressed, and were single or widowed.

Other times, they send messages to as many people as possible and see who takes the bait. They may claim that they usually live in your neck of the woods or domestically, in the United States. They will then say that they are overseas due to work, schooling, religious obligations such as being a missionaryor another critical obligation. If they are male, they might claim to be working on an oil rig or that they are a member of the military, a contractor, or an engineer.

Female scammers will claim to be models, porn actresses, or traveling nurses.

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Both genders might say they are in the Peace Corp or students. Some will admit to being born abroad and claim they need help due to an oppressive government. If they want you to fall in love with them, they will send you photographs of them which seem a little too beautiful or good looking to be true.

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These are fake photographs they have stolen from a real person or model on the internet. If they are setting you up for a Ponzi scheme or other financial-only fraud, they will push the deal quickly.

You are their priority, as you are their next paycheck.

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Its part of their ploy to seduce you into loving and trusting them. The more time you spend communicating with them, the faster they can move to the second part of their plan - reeling you in and asking for cash!

Just how long are you talking to this person daily, texting and messaging back and forth?

Nigerian dating scams photos

When it comes to a Nigerian scammer, the answer will often be upward of 3 or 4 hours daily. Their devotion to you is part of their job. As it is their job, they use tools. One tool could be translating software like Google Translate, as they attempt to fix or minimize any language barriers between you.

Even if they claim to be widowed or have children, they will insist that you are now one of the most important people in their life and part of their future.

They will compliment you and send you romantic, flowery, flattering comments. As we already discussed, the photographs they sent you are fake. How do they do this?

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Honestly, it is not difficult for a scammer to steal images through Google. They then crop out identifying details and place the photos on their computer desktop or save them in their phone. They might even create a file which contains ready-to-use stolen photographs. However, they usually select images of people who are attractive enough to seduce the average person, but not so beautiful they might be completely intimidating except scammers who pretend to be fake models or working in porn.

In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana. People on the pictures are not associated with scammers in any way, they are just victims of identity theft. If you are contacted by somebody using these pictures on a dating site or a social network, you are being susanneill.com complete scam reports on scammers using these pictures you can find on susanneill.com, this . male pictures most frequently used by African scammers. ALL PICTURES ARE STOLEN FROM INNOCENT THIRD PARTIES. In reality, the scammers are Africans from Nigeria and Ghana. People on the pictures are not associated with scammers in any way, they are just victims of identity theft. If you are contacted by somebody using these pictures on a dating. Mar 27, - A growing collection of known online scammers and the photos they steal, names they use, how to spot them and how to report them. See more ideas about Scammer pictures, Facebook scams and Stolen image pins.

Unless the scammer excels at speaking English convincingly, they will avoid talking to you on the phone verbally. Other times, they will speak to you and send you a video of someone you believe to be them. If they send you a video, they have stolen it from YouTube or Instagram and edited their voice over someone not directly talking to the camera, all to keep up the ruse! At some point, Nigerian scammers know that you are likely to become suspicious.

They need you to believe everything they tell you, without question, so they have props or documents to support their story. While these items might appear authentic at first glance, they are counterfeits which anyone with WiFi and computer access can create through Photoshop or editing apps.

The documents they send might be fake job contracts from their oil rig or contracting joba copy of their passport again, a fakefraudulent oil contracts, counterfeit professional degrees, fake letters from attorneys, etc.

They might also become passive aggressive and hostile if you continue to question them. They might ask you for a small amount within a week or so of the meeting, to test the waters.

Dec 28,   The Telltale Signs Of A Nigerian Scam. 1. The grammar. It's atrocious. It's worse than that birthday card you wrote to your mom in second grade. 2. The writing. So many run-on sentences. So much word scramble. If an unsolicited email reads like a drunk text, it's probably a . The Nigerian dating scams are often not easy to detect as the scammers are often highly educated, have exceptional patience and they do their homework! The scammers start by stealing a photo from an internet site. They prefer to use images of white people capitalising on stereotypes and perceptions. Frighteningly enough, the above represents only a fraction of Nigerian scammers favorite scams. scammers also trick through reshipping schemes, investment fraud, lottery scams, identity theft, fake business/employment scams, credit card fraud, auction fraud, counterfeit cashier's checks, parcel courier email schemes, escrow services fraud, internet extortion, spam, third party receiver of funds scams, property rental scams, debt elimination scams.

For more significant amounts, they may wait several weeks or a month or so, once they are convinced you to trust them. They promise to pay you back, including interest.

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What Do They Ask For? As we mentioned, a small item might be a gift card or an iTunes card.

Remember, scammers use thousands of fake or stolen names for each face they steal. Don't worry about a name, there are hundreds of millions of fake profiles on social media and even more on dating websites. All of these photos were stolen by scammers and . Nigerian Romance Scams: Need to Know and How To Protect in Just picture this: you wake up one day, immediately roll over towards your nightstand, and reach for your phone to check you Facebook feed, Instagram, whatever! Before you can rub the sleep from your eyes, you notice you have a new notification from one of your dating apps. Nov 1, - Explore srodderick's board "Scammers - Women", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Women, Ghana and Accra pins.

Every time you send them something they ask for, they automatically renew their interest in you and will ask again. Some common excuses Nigerian scammers give as to why they need a loan or gift:. Generally, none. You could be recently widowed, recovering from surgery, or struggling to pay your mortgage and they will not care.

They justify it to themselves that you live in the United States and have plenty of money. They may ask you to send them money from your paycheck, even if you need it, and promise to pay you back before your rent or bills are due. The next thing you know, your bank account will be drained dry. Although Nigerian romance scams are only part of the many scams perpetuated, they are often the most convincing and painful.

SCARS Scammer Gallery: Collection Of Female Stolen Photos #

Continue to refuse and they will seem to switch personalities and behave in an emotionally abusive manner, to try and guilt you into complying. While this is sometimes true, many scammers make enough money to live well. A scammer might continue the scam by saying they fell in love with you or ask you to accept money from others they are tricking and send it to them.

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Once you finally refuse all methods of helping them, they will block you and move on. Social Catfish was recently able to connect with a genuine Nigerian scammer who was willing to be a whistleblower on the entire scamming industry! He shared behind the scenes information with us and produced files that new Nigerian scammers use. The techniques they use are similar to prompts given to people who work in sales jobs.

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