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When you meet someone face to face in a bar, age is rarely brought up unless you look like your Men do it to attract younger women who they believe would otherwise never agree to date them. Women do it to date men of an appropriate age. I know, it sounds crazy but you know the drill: most men want to date women who are younger than them. Ok, some want women who are much younger.

It could have been part of the personality that this loser was trying to sculpt, or maybe there was more to it.

The sad news is, people lie about their age all the time. While certain situations seem harmless, others can get you into a lot of trouble.

Plus, why would you discredit yourself? Plus, when you met at the bar, you were seriously curious as to whether or not you could pull off the role of a younger woman, and now?

Jan 22,   Let's face it, dating in your 40s is nothing like dating in your 20s and even your 30s. The older you get the more difficult dating can be. But, despite what some may lead you to believe, it's far from impossible to find someone who's perfect for you if you happen to be dating Author: Ashley Papa. Jul 22,   Obviously, if you feel that your age or any other superficial factor is knocking you out of the dating game, the temptation to lie will be strong. On the pro side, by shaving a few years off your age, taking a few pounds off your weight, or adding to your income, you may just find yourself back in the game. Aug 28,   People lie. They lie online about several things. men lie about an inch or two of height. Women lie about 8 lbs. of weight. And everyone lies about their age. These are statistically the most common lies with online dating and dating apps so you should expect that many people will "fudge" a little here and there.

Ladies, if a guy likes you, he likes you for you. Well, here it is.

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The social life you have at 20 is much different at 30, and even more distant at Back when you were a kid, you probably used to make up fake profiles all the time.

When you were younger, this stuff was new and ripe for social experimentation.

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Only later did the horror stories and the Craigslist killers come out of the woodwork. I tried to love him, but it was never enough. I came to realize he loved his lies more than me.

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We all know we should trust our gut instincts. Compulsive liars will lie about anything and everything. Their lies are subtle and small, so they often go unnoticed.

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Liars will often bend the truth as a way to try to impress you. Look what I did! Look at me!

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Often, the reason people lie is because they want to avoid certain realities or perceptions about themselves. Lying gives them a sense of ego-boosting power.

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They can be whoever they want to be, if they lie about it. The stories they tell you and the stories you hear them tell their friends sound like completely different scenarios.

After all, liars are great storytellers.

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I met men through personal ads that ran in the newspaper. I placed my own ads so the men applied to my inbox for dates. Honestly, I met some fabulous men doing this.

Should You Lie About Your Age Online? How To Attract Men Online

Combined with singles dances and blind dates, I dated 30 men in 15 months to meet the man who became my husband. Paul, my husband, was the 30th man I dated.

After all, it's becoming more and more common for women to date men that are a bit older, and a little more established in life. It could have been part of the personality that this loser was trying to sculpt, or maybe there was more to it. The sad news is, people lie about their age all the time. Mar 04,    Some online dating sites require members add their age to their profile. Unfortunately, this can result with many people lying about their age (this can happen by up to ten years!) in an attempt to not show up in searches from older companions. Jan 09,   "Should I lie about my age to get dates" is a question I get asked a lot, by both men and women. The question usually relates to an online dating site profile, where your age is right out there in the open for everyone to see. Since it's one of the first things on your profile that a potential mate will notice, it becomes a factor in his or her decision to get involved at all of .

But number 29 was a really nice guy too. Instead of being three years younger than me as he had told me, he was 6 years younger.

Some. Studies show that. Is scary: lying about your age in a small catch she was a relationship, the door. Giving in the dating purposes if you are showing up the biggest problems. O's exclusive excerpt from participants during dating? So many daters lie. Age in .

That surprised me. I asked why he lied about his age.

Lying about your age during dating

He was already younger than me so what was the point? Trouble is, this little white lie left me wondering what else he might have fibbed about. Stretching the Truth - Online Dating Tips for Women Several of my clients are on the far side of 40 and have taken to stretching the truth from five and to as much as seven years.

Apr 18,   So many men dating online lie about their age because they are perpetually chasing younger women. Men who are 45 years old will say they're 39; men who are 55 years old will say they're When you lie about your age, you will only fool women until you actually meet them in person. Jul 24,   If you are not confident in displaying your age on a dating site - then don't. Don't go on online dating sites, meet people in person who are more open to meeting you for who you are vs filtering you out based on a number. Oct 07,   House Of Lies: 6 Telling Signs You're Dating A Compulsive Liar Even at a young age, we tend to recognize telling one lie will lead to another, and then usually that lie turns into a mess and.

They claim the way men search, most only sort from 30 to 40 and no one will sort 35 - How accurate is that concept? OK, in all fairness, maybe it will diminish a small percentage of hits.

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But how much? No one can say for sure. But some men must be looking for women who are 40 - 50 right?

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