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Cam asks Evie for diving gear so he can get the trident. Evie has many questions when she and Cam arrive at the trident cave. Nixie opens up the cave with a stolen moonring and Evie and Cam enter it. Cam opens the door to the bottemless ocean where the trident is stored, and he and Evie swim to the trident. Cam swims back, but Evie stays behind and gets trapped in the endless ocean. This news reaches Zac and he rushes to Mako to save Evie, revealing to her that he is a merman.

So Connell transformed his own life and then began coaching other men to do the same through his website, DatingTransformation.

Although he has limited availability for one-on-one coaching, Connell offers free resources on his website to help any man who is open to changing his perspective.

Search for:. Like this: Like Loading Their work is rooted in the notion that the key to finding Mr.

Right is demystifying the way he thinks.

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