Are not is there such a thing as dating out of your league please recommend you

I always thought leagues had to do with a person's associated groups rather than their individual attractiveness. PetrovaFire92 I guess it worked for him better with Nikki lol, But yeah good luck to them both, I'm not jealous of her one bit. I wonder why I didn't work with Nina you can tell by the look in her eyes she loved him, an the way he looks at Nina he doesn't look at Nikki that way. His smile seems fake. Maybe he was in a rush to get married.

But the truth is; you never know. Love is an inner emotion that can fly anywhere in any form and it doesn't care about your status and sizes and any other measurements. Additionally; i don't know if the definition of "League" goes to behavioral functions or not. But i guess; i'm not sure but since i don't like impolite people. Maybe i should say; Impolite people are out of my league?

Good Luck. DaTruth01 Xper 5. Yes leagues do in fact exist. Girls show a lot of interest in me and compliment my looks often, and its obvious they find me highly attractive, but on the other hand iam poor and lack status therefore girls who are really hot or stunning are a no go for me, theyre out of my league, girls who are rich are out of my league so ar girls with really high status, they will never be attracted to what i have to offer nor we are compatible socially, they will always have a higher status than me.

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To put it bluntly, how likely is it that a homeless drug addict who never passed high school is going to be scoring with a highly educated, funny, rich and intelligent person?

It's an extreme example but an example nonetheless. Most people prefer to date within their "league", which can be whatever they want it to be. It can be based on intelligence, or looks, or financial situation, or lifestyle, and so on. Or all of the above. Whether you want to play by leagues is up to you, there are lots of people who don't really take these things into consideration when picking a partner and they just go with the flow or their gut feel.

But a lot of people, either consciously or subconsciously, prefer to be on the same level as their partner. It creates a sort of stability and sense of trust.

I think there is such a thing as dating out of your league. Throughout history, people tend to marry people of the same social status. People of the same social background would make compatible partners, because they share the same values, outlook, and lifestyle. No. There's such thing as people thinking you aren't good enough for them, but that's about it. No one, man or woman, should ever believe they are not good enough for someone else. If someone else thinks you aren't good enough for them then that's their loss. You're better off without those people, but there's no such thing as leagues. You and your friends decide to hold a heterosexual "speed dating" event on campus. At this event, male students sit at tables arranged in a circle and have 3-minute conversations with a series of women. After each 3-minute period has ended, the women rotate in a clockwise direction and sit .

Like your partner isn't going to leave the second something "better" comes along, because you're already great. It also means that you can relate better to each other. You might come from similar backgrounds, have similar goals, similar looks, similar interests and ambitions, and financial situations. But leagues aren't set in stone, people still date and marry others who are out of their league, or they might even settle for less.

Whether you want it to be a part of your dating ritual is up to you. It's only used as an excuse for not talking to a girl or boy you find very attractive. But good appearance is subjective. If someone is talking about leagues he just states subjective they find attractive or not. But it includes the viewer himself.

He compares himself with the others. But looks are not everything its just maybe harder to approach someone you find very attractive and you think is so hot he or she is already in a relationship, so you don't do it. That's the out of your league think. And it's total bullshit. It ends up with very attractive single boys oder girls who wonder themselves why no one wants them.

All it takes is courage to escape the league thing. Xper 6. Well depends how you look at it In really reality it dose not exists The league is a human conspet and its meaning can be many and is never really all that clear Or else someone will not have to ask "Is X and Y out of my league? But yes leagues exist unfortunately, however you take though leagues. Sign Up Now!

Sort Girls First Guys First. Xper 5. Sort of It's not like a linear thing: all up and down. It's a lot of different spectrums intersecting: culture, education, career, socio-economic status, counter-culture, social circle etc. It will be far more difficult for two people who are from different backgrounds in all of these areas to have a successful relationship.

But none of these niches are inherently "better" than the others, and everyone is at least a little different from the next person. Also, some people are just socially fluid enough that they are in everyone's "league", and some people like myself are in no one's league and are doomed to be alone.

So it goes But not in the way most like to interpret it. Forget the rating scale. If you are attracted to someone that is not attracted to you, they are out of your league. It doesn't matter what they look like. If you are attracted to someone that IS attracted to you.

PoliceLivesMatter Guru. Kiran04 Yoda. There's such thing as people thinking you aren't good enough for them, but that's about it. No one, man or woman, should ever believe they are not good enough for someone else.

If someone else thinks you aren't good enough for them then that's their loss. You're better off without those people, but there's no such thing as leagues. I don't think so. Of course that many people will tell you that but in fact you don't know what other people like, their preferences.

So, if you don't take your chances you'll never know. Leagues are created just to keep you away from certain people, they're a manipulative "shield", don't believe in them! Parisgirl30 Xper 5. Yes, there definitely is such a thing and not just the one society dictates. I think people want someone who is similar to them in thought, word and deed.

Yes it exists of course. I mean appart of the obvious distance between me a random common girl and an actor, there's leagues on normal life. Not actually, those "leagues" are someone's invention you can choose to accept them or you can make your own reality. SilverFox65 Xper 5.

Mar 02,   There is no Premier League of people, despite what model agencies, magazines, dating apps and the rest would tell you. Human desire is an illusive, Author: Oscar Rickett. Jun 17,   There is No Such Thing As "Out Of Your League" Surprise. When someone is referred to as being "out of his/her league", it is almost always based on the flawed idea that the only thing that. There really isn't such a thing as someone being out of your league, unless you put them there. Sure, there are societal pressures and peer pressures when it comes to a couple seemingly.

Put simply: No. Anyone can attract anyone very easily, It's just a matter of knowing how In my humble opinion. Yeah even if they are not better looking their lifestyle and status could be so far off from yours. Like an average person trying to get with a celebrity. There is to an extent. Do I pay attention to them? Yes, fucking respect it, we'd have less bs if we did.

There's No Such Thing As Dating Out Of Your League

There are people too good for me, and I am too good for everyone I have dated. I was yes on this until I experience some exceptional case. Lol yeah. Show All Show Less. Sort of.

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It's a matter of probability, not possibility. Yes and lots of boys who hit on me aren't in my league as I look hotter than those boys. You think you do. I bet you aren't nearly as good as you think. So long as you believe so, there is. LegateLanius Master. Everyone has their own preferences. Anon-ymous1 Guru. Krtui Xper 4. Don't fall into the trap of believing that you can't because others say you can't or shouldn't or aren't worthy enough. I shouldn't even need to justify this with a comment, but sure, I'll try.

I don't know anyone who wants to date a pedophile. YOU shouldn't want to date a pedophile. There would be a massive problem with Jessica Alba or any other woman or man for that matter wanting to date a pedophile as they are criminals who love children in a very sick and unhealthy way. That has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.

What if Benito Pena found Jesus and became a changed man. Do you think he would have a shot with Jessica Alba? Um yes she's out of his league, but I get what the girl is coming from, but yes Jessica alba is so outta his league. Im actually not lol. I'm challenging you to think about this and I want to see if you're consistent in your theory or if it's applicable to your narrative.

This isn't personal.

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Jessica Alba is a married woman with children. No self respecting parent would risk their children's safety by inviting a former, current, or past child abuser into their lives.

Is there such a thing as dating out of your league

The rate of recidivism is so high in that population. You claim you aren't trolling, but even if you're not, I cannot see any person, you included, deciding that dating a former or past child abuser is a great life plan. That has nothing to do with the idea of someone being in someone's league but rather protecting one's family from harm, and if you have kids or will have them in the future, that is a top priority. She's obviously talking about "out of league" in the normal semantic sense of money, fame, and looks.

Not being attracted to the criminally insane is not within her context. Leagues can't exist from a physical attractive standpoint, because not everyone has the same opinion of attractive. Some people like piercings, tattoos, etc. Some people only like muscles. Some people like fat. Some people like super thin. Some people like curvy, thick, etc. I do think leagues exist coming from a wealth standpoint, as you pointed out. I see guys I find ugly with good looking girls all the time.

On the other hand, I see women who have no money date guy with good money. It's obvious which gender cares more about looks than money, and vice versa. What EnglishArtsteacher said.

I find black guys ugly, but my white friend finds them hot. Leagues simply can't exist.

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Just because she finds Black guys ugly doesn't mean she's racist. She's just not attracted to them. I don't find men attractive Since I'm straightand I'm not sexist against my own gender. If you are trying to clarify for her by saying she should have said "unattractive" rather "ugly" then she should have phrased her words better. UnknownXYZ You obviously knew what she meant. Clearly, she meant ugly from a physical attraction standpoint.

There's no such thing as 'leagues' or 'punching above you're weight'. Leagues is a word very shallow and very silly created by equally judgemental and shallow people who think looks is all there is to a relationship. Confidence on the other hand i.

Many tens of times is a pattern. There is definitely a league and I recognise it, however I've never let it stop me from aiming high. So the last part of the take is correct, even if someone IS out of your league never automatically disqualify yourself because you fear being rejected.

Just find faults in beautiful women. They have to have a couple. Once you know that they have faults, you know that the beautiful girls might not be as desirable as you think. Also dated enough of them too to know not all of them are compatible matches.

Thing is though if there no leagues we would all simply date the nearest member of the opposite sex. CHRIS Nope, we're programmed to find the best partners who can give us and provide for the strongest offspring.

Not sure what messing with that would do, doubt anything good, because the population of the planet would skyrocket. No reason for me to keep looking anymore. Well I'm a confident person and i stand by what i believe in but you have your views i have mine. I agree, however we have to accept that not everyone is equal, socially, economically etc. I don't believe anyone has to conform to the idea of leagues however it's obvious that for the most part if you're interested in dating someone who's wealthy, successful, important, attractive etc.

You've got to have those qualities yourself otherwise you're going to have a very hard time Obviously everyone is capable of changing and improving themselves. Exactly, if you're attracted to something go for it Why not, because what's the worst that can happen, rejection - who cares as long as you try.

WhateverMayBeWillBe my thoughts exactly. You're thinking more of having things in common, which I agree with.

A person can be very attractive and yet still share common interests. If there's no common interests and just physical attraction alone, it may not work out and vice versa.

But honestly i see a lot of average guys with attractive girls and average girls with good-looking guy's i sure as don't follow thst system. And not everyone is going to follow the "league" system or believe in it. No, leagues don't exist, and at the age of 21 you should realize this by now. Women like guys with a good personality. I agree guys tend to be picky about looks.

I'm dating an overweight guy, and I care about how he treats me. Malloy "There are exceptions of course, as there is for most generalizations. Exceptions exist. Just means that people tend to be more attracted to those who are on the same level as them, whether that's looks, social status, financial status or personality-wise, doesn't really matter.

When I think of leagues, I think of looks. I never knew financial status or personality fell under the "leagues" category. MHO right here. Malloy That's cool he must be a really good guy awesome.

In high school, this is probably true. Outside of high school, women mainly don't put near as much focus on physical attraction. EnglishArtsteacher I've been in college for 2 years. And I really disagree. How are you 17 years old, and been in college for two years?

I'm assuming you don't live in the United States of America, right? Or did you graduate high school very early? This might just be a cultural difference. EnglishArtsteacher I'm American. I started a program when I was 15 to go to an actual college while earning college credits and high school credits.

I took a short cut. But I go to a big university so I have the experience minus the expenses. TheButterfly Then you should know college is a lot different.

Money plays more of a role for women obviouslywhere men are more visual. Wow bahaha what makes you think any college students have money? And I dont know why every guy on this site has wrong generalizations about money but most women care way more about personality and appearance.

There are wealthy college students all over the nation. Actually, college students are more likely to come from upper-class families than any other household, with middle-class second. It's very rare for a college student to come from a poor family. At YOUR age, appearance plays a bigger role. Women definitely go for money more, just look at rich, and famous people.

At your age. TheButterfly You're not in college, so quit lying. Adult women go for financial security before looks, and while we do agree with personalities playing a role, a guy with money is more attractive. Why do you think so many overweight doctors are dating thin, beautiful women?

I see it all the time. Hugh Hefner is another example. Malloy dont say I'm not in college just because you werent intelligent enough to be in college at my age. In a perfect world, there would be no leagues.

This world is FAR from perfect, so Leagues do exist, they just aren't determined soley by looks like people often assume. They are determined by total value.

Beauty is subjective, where as money is not. A girl might find a heavy set guy attractive, but poverty is poverty There is no arguing that. Men do, women talk. It's been said that the building of society's infrastructure is man's creation. Left to women we'd still be in grass huts. So basically, guys should go around and say "You know what, that girl is too good for me, so I won't even take a chance.

EnglishArtsteacher Exactly. That's like a guy saying he won't take a chance with a girl because he's in experienced and she's very experienced. Take your chances but what are the statistical chances of ending up with that number? Their is positive thinking and then there is realism.

Lol that's ridiculous. You can't just deem everyone who doesn't share your same stance on a topic as anti social shut ins who have never experienced life. Give me a break lmao. High school is mainly about popularity For guysand looks for girls.

Men aren't judged too much on their popularity, or looks out of high school, but we get slammed for our financial stability. Women are judged for looks. Looks are usually subjective, but financial status is quite objective. It's rare to see a wealthy woman with a non-wealthy man. Puppylove94 They might exist for immature women like yourself, but leagues don't exist out of high school for most people. If they didn't then you could date anyone. I feel bad about it but if I'm not attracted to you I will have a hard time connecting with you.

I've tried forcing myself and it just didn't work.

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I don't think it's not fair. Man people have rejected me over looks. It's just how things work. A lot of that was put in place usually by a society usually based on the nobility, who by the way, often suppressed people's rights to education and uppward mobility and put rules in place that nobility could only marry other nobility.

In India and China, arranged marriage is an all-class affair. India has the additional caste system, which, though made illegal, still influences class-based relations. Having said that, when you do get a date with someone who may be more physically attractive than your other dates, it is best not to put that person on a pedestal and just treat them like you would treat other dates or that may hurt your chances.

However I don't believe Jane should feel like she has no chance with Pietro because he's 'out of her league' She has every right to approach him and he has every right to reject her.

I don't agree when people use this whole "league" thing to try and tell people not to bother even trying, that's wrong and achieves nothing. Who know's? Jane might discover that Pietro has a secret thing for depressed druggy girls with average genetics Pietro would probably still sleep with Jane, since most males are horn-dogs lol.

Women date ugly guys all the time. I see model-looking women dating fat guys. Women are less superificial.

Malloy i've seen as well very pretty women with ugly men. They are with them because they actually like the guy and he treats her right, you also have to remember what you think is ugly is gorgeous to someone else or she's with him to play it safe to avoid being hurt.

Also beautiful women tend to be real hard to satisfy because other men tend to hit on them constantly. I'd never want to date an beautiful woman. They're nice to look at but dating them nope.

Well as long as you're not afraid to approach them and know that they are not higher than you in anyway. CHRIS you've got the message right there. There is absolutely nothing in the world that says you are unworthy to date anybody on this planet. Just because you ask, doesn't mean they have to say yes, so I mean the worst that happens is they say no, and you don't beat yourself up about it, but you move on and find the next person who will say yes.

That's it. Share Facebook.

Dating Out Of Your League

Add Opinion. This is Jessica Alba www. This is Benito Pena Jr. He is a broke pedophile facing 16 years in incarceration.

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It's a good thought in theory but it's not reality. Show All Show Less. Dude, I hope you're trolling with this one, I really do. Okay, what's your definition of league? There really is a such thing as leagues. Now every now and then people may choose to date outside of their leagues, but that doesn't mean that leagues don't exist.

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I see a lot of average even guys below average with attractive girls. Sign Up Now! Related myTakes. Show All. Guilty by association and false equivalence: Examples of these two censorship tools employed by mainstream political correctness.

Collage Bonanza. The forgotten foreign influences including spoils of war that the Soviet military owed credit to.

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Sort Girls First Guys First. Xper 7. So I take it you'll look after my cat after I've been rejected a thousand times, feel I'm totally worthless, end up hating women, decide to have my revenge by going on a killing spree, and get sentenced to a mental institution?

Truthfully, I do agree that people should be more willing to approach others they think they have no chance with. Even though the probability of success is very very small, the reward is potentially very high, and when your expectations are already low, the rejection often doesn't feel as bad as you think.

There is actually some sound logic to it. On the other hand, it's just not true that it's worth it for everyone. Telling somebody they're not entitled to anything with one breath, then telling them that they should accept being rejected over and over with the next is being completely unrealistic about the way humans cope with failure and rejection. When they get rejected over and over, the message they are being delivered is that women really are so stupid and shallow that they can't recognize a great man when he's right there in front of them.

Then you shame them for thinking as much, even though they aren't seeing the results you told them would be there if they just believed in themselves and kept trying.

Incidentally, your feelings on this subject would also be echoed by attention whores and the like who get an ego boost out of men vying for their attention, stringing them along, and then, when they have no more use for them, putting them down.

You're recommending a scenario that would reward women for that kind of behavior. Also, if everyone is constantly shooting above themselves, people who might have matched had they been looking around their "league" are no longer matching. Sorry Miss. Average, but all those Mr. Averages you could have made a nice life with are trying to date 8s and 9s.

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Actually, there are no small number of men would argue that average women believing they deserve Channing Tatum have ruined dating and marriage over the last two decades, because they are no longer able to be truly happy with "lesser men. Cosytoasty Guru.

I get rejected most of the time by attractive girls, i have to ask many many of them before I score one. I have far less rejections with less attractive women.

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