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A kindred soul, Miranda is a runaway teen living with foster parents. Hanna Marin asks Caleb to stay with Miranda until she finds her uncle. Grave New World. Miranda's only appearance on the show is in Grave New World, in which she becomes friends with Caleb on the bus ride to Ravenswood, where she hopes to finally meet her uncle. Throughout the episode, she and Caleb discuss her complicated history. She finally finds her uncle's house, but not before finding a mysterious headstone with her name and face on it. Who's In The Box?

I'm not leaving until I get something from him. Contents [ show ]. Grave New World Miranda's only appearance on the show is in Grave New World, in which she becomes friends with Caleb on the bus ride to Ravenswood, where she hopes to finally meet her uncle.

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Add an image. Could Miranda be the one "Alison fears the most"?

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I did, and the graves and everything is explained in the series. Miranda did die As she is an official character that appeared on PLL, I f Categories :.

Caleb Rivers

I came here for answers. The Mirror Has Three Faces. Caleb tells Hanna that he tracked down an unpaid cable bill that was sent to the P. The bill is attached to a physical address there, where CeCe may or may not be living. Caleb visits Hanna, and asks if she wants to check out the address in Philly, but she asks if Caleb can help her sneak into Radley. Caleb refuses and they argue about whether Mona is trustworthy or not.

Caleb reminds her of everything "A" has done. He thinks she should tell the police about "A" once and for all because it can't get any worse at this point. Caleb runs into Hanna on the street, and asks what he was doing going into Veronica's office building. He says he doesn't know how to protect her anymore. Hanna asks "So you were going to tell her?!

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He would rather have Hanna hate him and be safe than the other way around, to which she asks if he thinks telling her about "A" will keep her safe. Bring Down the Hoe. Caleb approaches Hanna at her locker and she tells him she is going shopping with Ali's mom that afternoon. He thinks it's strange, but lets it go and asks what time he should pick her up for the dance. Hanna says they don't have to go, but Caleb informs her that Ashley texted him earlier insisting they go and have fun.

Hanna and Caleb arrive at the hoedown, and when Caleb steps away, Hanna is approached by the strange boy, who asks to dance with her. Caleb is weary to trust Travis, but Hanna says that she has to and then she sees Travis leave the hoedown. Hanna and Caleb go to the police station. Caleb sits with Ashley and she thanks Caleb for being there for Hanna.

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Caleb says that Hanna is a strong girl, and she gets it from Ashley. The district attorney arrives and breaks the news that they are clearing all charges against Ashley, and Caleb nods a thank you to Travis. Later, Caleb stops by and they watch the news where CeCe is wanted for questioning about the murder of Wilden.

They are now all convinced that CeCe did, in fact, kill Wilden. Caleb notes that someone has to recognize her. Caleb goes home while Toby stays. The girls call Caleb for help, who says that he will get on the next bus to Ravenswood. Caleb sits on the bus headed for Ravenswood. He is alone except for a mysterious man sitting at the back of the bus and a girl sitting next to him.

They make small talk, and she introduces herself as Miranda. She is on her way to Ravenswood as well, and explains that she has been a foster child for most of her life, and she is going to Ravenswood to meet her uncle for the very first time.

Caleb mentions that he is a foster child as well. Caleb and Miranda arrive in Ravenswood and say farewell at the graveyard, They again when Miranda and Hanna finally find their way out of the house and go to the graveyard where Caleb was. Caleb finds them, and Hanna tells Caleb that she thinks "A" may have Ali. She leads both of them to the tomb where the entrance to the tunnels was, but it is sealed shut.

Miranda, meanwhile, finds a gravestone with her name and face on it, and she is baffled. After rejoining the Lairs, Hanna tells Caleb to stay with Miranda to make sure she stays safe.

They kiss and bid farewell. Who's In The Box? Caleb, who has just returned from his stay in Ravenswood, walks into the Brew, surprising Hanna. The two embrace and discuss why he has returned. He tells her that things with Miranda and her family are more complicated than he had realized.

He tells her that he needs to go back there.

Caleb & Miranda Fight About Hanna 1x06 Ravenswood

Hanna protests and asks if it is because of Miranda. He walks out of the house. Outside, as Caleb walks to his car. They say farewell to one another and part, and Caleb is seen crying at his steering wheel. Lining up for coffee in the Brew, Hanna notices Caleb standing a few people behind her.

When Biff asks if Caleb is looking for a fight, Hanna steps in and pulls Caleb back towards her, diffusing the situation. In a playground, Hanna finds Caleb on the swings, and asks why he hasn't returned any of her calls. He tells her that Travis is a nice guy and he did not come back to screw that up. Hanna asks him why he came back, but instead of answering he asks her if she changed her hair because Alison is back. Shrugging, Hanna tells him probably.

Hanna gets a text message, and getting up off the swing she tells Caleb he is coming with her, and they have to go. Emily tells them that it's starting, and as they move into the living room Caleb and Alison share a look. As the press conference starts, Caleb grabs hold of Hanna's hand. The Police Chief explains that they've received confirmation tonight that the girl that was buried alive on the DiLaurentis property was Bethany Young.

Take a look at Caleb and Miranda's long history and Miranda's new friend. It seems as though Ravenswood has only just begun and yet we only have two episodes to . Is caleb dating miranda in ravenswood. This review contains spoilers. Miranda together with the ravenswood and enjoy the characters, that character is harboring a pll spinoff that spin-off is set to with the family. As ravenswood and that things with luke matheson. When she returns to view this is hard for hanna that hit the curse that things. AT is caleb dating miranda in ravenswood LEAST 2 HOURS PRIOR To is caleb dating miranda in ravenswood your scheduled appointment there's a $25 cancellation fee c) is caleb dating miranda in ravenswood If you cancel 1 Hour before your appointment time there's a $50 cancellation fee. d) FOR ALL NO CALL/NO SHOWS, there's a $ cancellation fee/

As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode. Outside the Cavanaugh house, a second explosion occurs leaving Caleb and the others ducking for cover. In the Brew, Hanna spots Caleb sitting down at one of the tables and walks over to him. Commenting that he looks as if he's got as much sleep as her, Caleb tells her he was with Toby until around an hour ago, and when Hanna asks how Toby is, Caleb says that he's still pretty shaken.


Hanna still doesn't understand why 'A' would blow the Cavanaugh house up when they were all a few doors down, and Caleb reminds her, "A doesn't shoot and miss". Asking if Hanna's seen the newspaper, he hands it over and Hanna is shocked to find that the police are not looking into what caused the gas leak at the Cavanaugh home, "the cops in this town should be riding around in clown cars".

When Caleb suggests that the girls should tell the cops everything, Hanna wonders what they could say, they don't have a face or a name. Caleb tells her this isn't a game, "A blew up a house", and Hanna says she can't, it'll unravel too much. Telling him that things are not the same as when he left, Caleb tells her he's noticed, and that he won't be staying long, he's thinking of going to Montecito for a while.

Hanna says that she just thought if he wasn't in Ravenswood, he would be here, but Caleb doesn't want to commit to anything. Caleb is packing when Hanna knocks on the door of the cabin he's staying in, telling him that Toby told her where she could find him.

When Caleb asks if something happened, Hanna tells him that Alison was going to leave town, for good, and she was helping her. Caleb says that he understands Alison wanting to leave, and Hanna says she realised she wasn't helping Alison to leave to keep her safe, part of her wanted Alison gone. Caleb that it makes sense, Hanna never liked who she was when Alison was around, and Hanna admits that she still wants Alison gone, "Hanna, whatever she's stirred up inside of you is not going to go away.

Even if she leaves. I should know, I left Ravenswood and half of it is still with me". When Hanna asks what really happened in Ravenwood, Caleb doesn't answer, and Hanna tells him she hopes he decides to stay. Grabbing his flask, Caleb takes a mouthful before handing it over to Hanna to take a drink. The Silence of E. Alison mentions that either way it all comes down to the same time, pass or fail, win or lose. Asking how this is for a decision, Hanna tells Caleb he needs to leave, now, she has a dinner to go to.

Putting the beer he was drinking down, Caleb grabs the others in the plastic bag, and telling Hanna to enjoy the pot roast, he leaves. Walking into the Brew, Caleb buys three brownies and paying for his desserts, he spots Hanna sitting on the couch.

Walking over, Caleb asks Hanna if she blew off her dinner, but Hanna tells him that she got kicked out. Hanna suggests that they should just start there, and looking at each other, Hanna leans in to kiss him.

Hanna vents to Caleb in his car about Alison and how she is staying at her house, before asking if he brought in the bag between them. As Hanna pulls out a bottle of alcohol, Caleb comments that he thought he was supplying beverages, before wondering if Hanna wants to go on a trip with him.

Hanna asks if Caleb has anything to cut the alcohol with, and Caleb mentions that he was just going to wait they got back to his place, before asking Hanna is she wants to stop to get sodas. As Hanna reaches for her cell phone, Caleb tells her to wait, wondering if they can call the cab company in half an hour, but Hanna tells him she has to go. Arriving back at the cabin, Caleb walks straight to the fridge and grabs some ice from the freezer, while Hanna asks where he has been.

Saw that Zack was a dirt bag and decided to move things along? Turning around, Caleb runs off, continuing on with the loop. As Caleb looks over his shoulder to Aria and Spencer in the kitchen, Hanna apologises to him for lying. Laughing, Hanna questions him, and Caleb says he had a bacon calzone.

Caleb tells Hanna to give him a call if she needs anything, and Hanna tells him that she will, before saying that she loves him and they share a goodbye kiss. As Toby questions if Caleb wants things to stay like that, Caleb looks towards Hanna. Caleb says that he got scared, and when Toby asks what he got scared of, Caleb hesitates. Toby tells Caleb to say it out loud, and taking a moment, Caleb says that he should have kept walking.

Getting up, Caleb rushes from the Grille, brushing Hanna off when she tries to grab his arm. Pacing, Caleb tells Hanna that they called it a pact, but what Ravenswood made was a contract. When Hanna asks what happened after that, Caleb says that there were no demons, no messages, no revenge.

As Hanna mentions that there was also no Miranda, Caleb says that she was gone. Hanna tells him that he kept his promise, he took care of her, and Caleb tells her that he has spent this whole time trying to talk himself into that. A toy, right? This is real. Taking This One to the Grave. Caleb and Hanna are still sorting out the lights when Hanna gets a phone call, telling Caleb that it is her mom. Caleb approaches Emily who is placing Jesus back in the nativity scene and comments that she and her family really go all out.

Caleb mentions that now he knows why she loves Christmas, and looking down at her shirt, Emily laughs and agrees. As Hanna walks over after being on the phone with her mom, Caleb asks her how everything is at home.

Hanna tells him everything is good, Ashley just needs cranberries. Hanna then tells Caleb that her grandma likes the canned kind, the ones that you slice. Hanna walks up to Caleb, telling him he was supposed to keep that secret, but Caleb tells her that Mona came to him. With a grin, Mona says that she knew Hanna would tell Caleb, so she asked for his help. Mona asks whether Caleb said Holbrook sent the document to the DA, but before Caleb has a chance to answer, Spencer says that she knows how this works, and that they submit an affidavit so they can issue an arrest warrant.

After Spencer and Mona, who are dresses as nurses, walk through the back doors, Caleb and Hanna share a nervous look. Caleb and Hanna watch as a car pulls up at the back exit doors of Radley.

Caleb is looking over some papers that fell from the sun visor, while Hanna is leaving a voicemail for Emily. After Hanna ends the call, Caleb asks her what the papers are. Hanna tries to feign innocence, but Caleb tells her to stop stalling. Hanna tells him yeah so, and when Caleb gives her a lot, Hanna asks if he knows the test they make you take, the S.

Furrowing his brows, Caleb asks if she means the S. When Caleb asks how good is kind of good, Hanna tells him it was good enough that the guidance counsellor called her in for cheating. As Hanna focuses back on the exit doors, Caleb smirks at her proudly. Standing by a police vehicle as the Vanderwaal house is taped off as a crime scene, Caleb and Hanna, along with Emily and Paige, and Aria and Ezra, stand huddled together, visibly upset and shaken.

Caleb listen on as Detective Holbrook tells the waiting press that while the investigation is ongoing, they have ruled what has happened a homicide and that Mona Vanderwaal was murdered.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas. At the Masquerade Ice Ball, Caleb and Hanna, along with Emily and Paige, and Aria and Ezra, slow dance under the lit up gazebo, until everyone turns their attention to the top of the staircase. Walking to the edge of the gazebo, Caleb, Hanna, the other couples and Spencer watch as Alison, followed by four other girls, make their grand entrance.

As Alison greets some of the guests, Spencer turns to Hanna and tells her that they should get out of here while everyone is still basking in the glow of Ali. Ezra says that he thinks he just found her, and the three watch as Alison enters the Winter Wonderland Maze. Caleb listens as Ezra says that if Holbrook is helping Alison, he wants to know when it started, before Emily explains to the group that CeCe showed up in New York that night, and Alison helped get her out of the country.

Noticing Alison walking from the Maze, Caleb comments that it looks as though she made a friend, and they watch Alison and someone dressed in a white coat and hood walk towards the exit. Caleb accompanies Ezra as he bails Holbrook up, wondering if they could both have a word with him for a second, while Aria and Emily slip by to keep following Alison and the person in the white coat and hood.

Hanna tells the girls that her mom always said that Christmas was wherever they were, as long as they were together. Caleb and the others sit at the table, as Ezra serves up Christmas chicken. As Ezra sits down, Aria tells them that they should all say a prayer, and they link hands with one another. Caleb listens as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone. Suddenly everyone hears the sound of bells and something falling down the chimney.

Through a Glass, Darkly. Hanna tells him that they cleaned up, and Leona told her how she wished she would have done more when Mona told her about Alison.

Caleb mentions that the only thing he knows for sure is that there are chunks of the hard drive that he is completely locked out of. Standing up, Hanna questions who else they can ask, before stating that Mrs Grunwald saved Alison when Mrs D planted her, and that she knows all of them.

Or the police? Caleb lets Aria into his new apartment where she comments that it must be nice for him to have his own place. Caleb adds that if they find out the pattern, they unlock the files. Aria tells Caleb that three months ago she applied to six colleges, and she didn't get into Brown, which is fine, it was kind of a stretch, but Oberlin After pausing, Aria comments that she nailed that interview.

Nodding, Caleb stands up, and tells Aria to take a seat. Looking at Caleb and then down at the chair, Aria takes a seat, while Caleb brings his laptop in closer. Turning back to the computer, Aria tells Caleb to teach her. In his apartment, Caleb answers his phone and greets Hanna, who tells him to save her. For you to drop everything.

Going over and opening it, Caleb listens as a bewildered Spencer tells him that the shelf life on secrets around here has reached an all time low. I bailed from my foster home. Caleb and Spencer slowly move through the woods at the back of the Vanderwaal property.

Still looking for the knife, Caleb is stopped when Spencer calls his name. Pointing his flashlight to where Spencer is pointing hers, Caleb walks over to a pile of leaves. Taking off his backpack, Caleb pulls out a cloth and picks up the knife, before looking over his shoulder towards Spencer. Saying that it has to be one of the switches, Caleb starts fiddling with them.

Walking over to his backpack, Caleb grabs the knife and as he goes to place it on a trolley in the kiln. Caleb is still inside the kiln when the kiln door closes, trapping him inside. The kiln begins to start up, and panicked, Caleb looks around the kiln. Caleb is looking up at the glass square in the door when Spencer looks through it and notices him inside.

Spencer comments that she has some bolt cutters in her car, and when Caleb gives her a look, Spencer explains that she likes to be prepared. Mrs Horowitz tells Caleb that he looks familiar before asking whether he transferred out of her third period last semester. Walking down the corridor Caleb stops at the trash bin and picks out the soda can Mrs Horowitz had just recycled.

Caleb helps Spencer out of the air duct, before turning the light on in storage unit Noticing some blood drenched clothes, Spencer wonders if they were the clothes Mona was wearing when she died, to which Caleb wonders why Holbrook is keeping them. As Caleb and Spencer share a look, Spencer tells Caleb to wait here before she gets up and walks to the plastic sheeting that separates them with the other person. After apologising, Caleb asks if they should open the barrel, before watching as Spencer goes to open the barrel only for the unit to be plunged into darkness.

Hanna tells him she cried herself to sleep, and when Caleb gives her a look, Hanna explains that Ted popped the question. Caleb wonders if Hanna wants him to tell the girls, but Hanna tells him not yet, before opening the patio door fully. Walking into the house, Caleb questions what all the things on the kitchen counter are, to which Hanna just gives him a look. At the storage unit facility, Caleb and Hanna are at a security surveillance box. At unitCaleb takes the drill Hanna passes him, and after looking over his shoulder, he begins to drill the lock.

After getting the lock open, Caleb helps Hanna pack away their equipment before he opens the door and two walk in.

Looking back to the barrel, Caleb tells Hanna that they need to get the dolly. As Caleb and Hanna are walking through the corridors, Hanna asks Caleb which way the exit is.

Is caleb dating miranda in ravenswood

Caleb listens as Tanner questions that he and Hanna are here to rent a storage unit, before telling her that he just wanted to see what sizes are available. As Hanna says that she has to pee, Tanner tells her she better get going, so Caleb and Hanna continue on their way.

At his apartment, Caleb listens as Hanna tells him that Holbrook recorded their whole conversation and he knew they were going to the storage unit.

Sitting down on a seat, Caleb listens as Hanna says that her mom will be at the Police Department in a couple of minutes. Watching as Holbrook starts to angrily pack his desk, Caleb and Hanna stand. When they come face-to-face with Holbrook, Caleb and Hanna listens as Holbrook mutters perfect, just perfect. Sitting on the grass in the centre of town, Caleb is doing some homework when Emily approaches. Hanna says that is what they thought, but the tape Caleb is trying to get to work was hidden.

After listening to Bethany storm out of where the recording took place, Caleb pauses the recording and asks Hanna what the hell that was. Saying they should listen to the whole thing, Caleb rewinds the tape. Pretty Isn't the Point. Walking through Rosewood High, Caleb stops when he notices a signup sheet for the beauty pageant. Taking the sheet, he keeps moving. Passing Emily the cheesesteaks, Caleb listens as Hanna asks him what he thought, and Caleb tells her that it was good.

Hanna questions him, before saying that good is not good enough. Emily steps in telling Hanna to relax and that they still have time to make it great. Hanna adds that her coach makes you feel like the girl at fat camp who got caught eating her toothpaste, and when Caleb and Emily both just look at her, Hanna questions them, before saying that it was minty.

In the dance room, Caleb is putting their cheesesteak wrappers in the bin when he gets a phone call. To Plea or Not to Plea. Listening as Hanna comments that Alison took the plea, Caleb says that he guesses so. Hanna then questions how Alison could do this to her, and Caleb suggests that Alison may have panicked. Sitting in the car out the front of the Rosewood Police Department, Caleb gets out and starts walking across the road.

Drawing Hanna into a hug, Caleb holds onto her tight. As they pull away, Caleb asks if Hanna is ready, and when Hanna tells him she is, they start walking off towards the Police Department together. The officer looks between Caleb and Hanna, before asking Hanna what her name is.

When the Officer comes back and announces that Tanner will see Hanna, and just Hanna, both Caleb and Hanna look up, their faces shocked.

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Caleb tells Aria and Emily that they have to show Tanner all of the pictures and all of the texts on their phones. Ezra then notes that if the girls do, Tanner will have no choice but to believe Hanna. The Melody Lingers On. In The Brew, Caleb stands staring into space.

In his apartment, Caleb, along with Spencer, Aria and Emily, play the recording that Aria received on her cell to Hanna. As the three girls turn to all leave, Caleb calls out to Spencer. Sitting down on the couch, Caleb tells Spencer that he should have put Hanna in a car and taken off when they had the chance. Listening as Spencer questions if Caleb knows how hard that would have been for Hanna to say that to him, Caleb says that the point is she said it.

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Nodding, Caleb tells Spencer to eat her cookie. I'm a Good Girl, I Am. Caleb is visiting Hanna. Caleb is skeptic that Leslie is telling the truth, pointing out how she conveniently showed up and claims to be friends with Mona.

He tells her that he loves her and is not going to walk away.

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He believes that Mike needs to speak up and Hanna, in tears, replies that Mike is just a kid. Ezra and Mike arrive at the cabin and Caleb is there waiting for them. He tells Ezra that he is taking Mike back home to testify since Alison and Hanna are relying on him to clear their names. Ezra tells him think it over, but Mike has made up his mind.

Ezra tells him to get the bags out of the car and gives him his car key. While Ezra and Caleb are arguing, they hear a car drive off.

When Ezra and Caleb head outside, Mike is gone. Caleb and Ezra come across a car parked on the side of the road, with an arrow through the front windshield. Suddenly, someone begins shooting arrows at them.

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Ezra and Caleb are able to hide and start hurling rocks at the assailant. The arrows stop. Ezra and Caleb make their way out of the woods and find Mike tied to a pole with duct tape over his mouth.

Caleb snaps a picture for evidence before they untie him. Caleb, Ezra and Mike rush back to Rosewood and try to file a report with Tanner over the attack on Mike. Tanner is uncooperative and asks why they never filed a report in Allegheny County, where the crime occurred and instead came to her.

Caleb is infuriated and tells her that someone is after them and shows Tanner the photo he took of Mike tied up. But Tanner instead comments that stopping to take a photo instead of untying Mike seems like an odd reaction. Welcome to the Dollhouse. Watching his computer screen, Caleb tells Toby and Ezra that the traffic cam footage should be coming up. Caleb listens as Veronica tells himself, Toby and Ezra that they need to tell the other girls parents what they know, and agreeing, Ezra explains that they were hoping to have some more answers before they do that.

Going on, Ezra says that if Peter decides to open the boxes, he should prepare for those secrets to come out.

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Grabbing his jacket, Caleb tells Ezra and Toby not to stop looking, before turning and walking from the apartment. Tanner notes that Caleb just admitted to a federal offense, and stepping in, Veronica says she thinks Caleb meant to say that if he hacked into their system he could find the van.

Peter then adds that if Caleb had further access to that system he may be able too. Caleb then listens as Tanner says that they are some big ifs, before Veronica comments that she thinks the bigger ifs are what if Tanner is wrong and what if someone did take the girls. Caleb then tells Toby and Tanner that the thing about coming in the backdoor is that the view is entirely different, before he reads out a set of numbers.

At the scene where the missing van was located, Caleb and Ezra listens as Peter notes that this was the old Campbell farm, and Veronica adds that they used to bring the girls here to go apple picking. Game On, Charles. He helps EzraTobyand Alison go after the girls by means of tracking Alison while she is out in the open as bait.

Even after she is forced to abandon her tracking device, Caleb and Ezra still manage to find her. Once they reach A's Dollhousethey let the girls out and he immediately embraces Hanna.

Songs of Innocence. He helps Hanna remove stuff from her room while trying to help her move on from her ordeal. He and her mother each try to get her to open up but have little success. Later he lays on Hanna's mattress with her sleeping in his arms. Caleb is seen lying on the bed in Hanna's room when she walks in.

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He tells her that he came as soon as he heard about Andrew's release. They hug and Hanna tells him that she is exhausted. Caleb informs her that he has Ashley's permission to stay for the night.

It looks like the gang goes hunting in a basement for something. How incredible do Caleb and Remy look? They really know how to dress for an expedition. Entertainment Entertainment News. What do you think about Ravenswood so far? Consider this a Season 1 check-in and drop your opinion and theories in the comments! New in Entertainment View article.

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