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Click to expand menu items Click to collapse menu items. The following auditing standard is not the current version and does not reflect any amendments effective on or after December 31, The auditor should date the audit report no earlier than the date on which the auditor has obtained sufficient appropriate evidence to support the auditor's opinion. Note: When performing an integrated audit of financial statements and internal control over financial reporting, the auditor's reports on the company's financial statements and on internal control over financial reporting should be dated the same date. Note: If the auditor concludes that a scope limitation will prevent the auditor from obtaining the reasonable assurance necessary to express an opinion on the financial statements, then the auditor's report date is the date that the auditor has obtained sufficient appropriate evidence to support the representations in the auditor's report. The auditor has no responsibility to make any inquiry or carry out any auditing procedures for the period after the date of his report.

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The Egyptian pharaohs, Roman emperors and European monarchs all had scores of accountants working for them, keeping track of taxes, war booty and governmental distributions. While modern accountants use ledger books, computers and software instead of clay tablets or papyrus scrolls to record their financial data, the basic processes of accounting - such as calculating the bottom line and determining amounts due based on ownership percentage - have not really changed all that much.

The term "the bottom line" has been used in common parlance to refer to the final word on a subject since the late s, but the term actually comes from the field of accounting.

Double dating financial statements

The bottom line in accounting is the double-underlined final figure at the bottom of a column indicating a total profit or loss. However, some creative accountant types started using the term in other contexts, and the analogy obviously resonated with the public as the term was picked up by the media and has become so frequently used that it is almost a cliche today.

Single underlining in accounting is generally used to indicate a subtotal.

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For example, in an annual financial statement, the sales for the first quarter would be single underlined, as that amount is going to be added to the sales for the second, third and fourth quarters to ultimately come up with an annual total for the bottom line. Similarly, a balance sheet showing categories of the company's assets and liabilities would use a single underline under the total for each category of assets or liabilities.

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Double underlining in accounting is typically used to indicate a grand total. Double underlining only appears in the figure at the bottom of a column of a financial statement or the like, and indicates the completion of that specific accounting procedure.

The Republic of China started using the Gregorian calendar on 1 Januarybut the lunisolar Chinese calendar is still used along with the Gregorian calendar, especially when determining certain traditional holidays.

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To visually distinguish old and new style dates, writing new style dates with Arabic numerals but old style dates with Chinese charactersnever Arabic numeralsis the standard in Chinese publications. In Taiwan, even though new style dates are written in Chinese characters in very formal texts, it is now common to see Arabic numerals in new style dates in less formal texts.

Dual dating

When writing old style dates, Chinese characters are usually used, but Arabic numerals may still be seen. There was a great deal of confusion when calendars changed, and the confusion continues today when evaluating historical sources. For instance, although the transition in the West often 'moved' the start of the year from March to January, and the nominal age of every person increased by 10 to 13 days by fiat when the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian, the change of the calendar by official decree was actually often implemented on an historical date not in January, February, or March.

Dual Dating in Auditor's Report SA / AAS Subsequent Events Additional date is included in the auditor's report: to inform the users that the auditor's procedures subsequent to that date; were restricted to the subsequent amendment of the financial CA Kamal Garg. The friends you find matter, of Double Dating Financial Statements course. If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive Double Dating Financial Statements people. So it helps to make sex-positive friends/ Special Considerations-Audits of Single Financial Statements this may have on the auditor's opinion on a single financial statement or a specificelementofthosefinancialstatements,inaccordancewithsection, ModificationstotheOpinionintheIndependentAuditor' Size: KB.

For example, in the American colonies dual dating of the year other than in the months of January, February and March is extant in records in quite a few months. When 'translating' dates from historical documents to current documents for dates that have been incorrectly double dated by historians, both years should be entered into contemporary documents until a copy of the original primary source can be checked, verifying which style was used in the 'official record'.

Often errors have been perpetuated from the early 19th century and still exist today. When 'translating' dates from historical documents to current documents for dates that have been correctly double dated by historians, the standard practice is to enter the earlier year first, and the later year second.

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In either case, to avoid further confusion, contemporary researchers should be vigilant about annotating both dates with a notation indicating the type of date, and using a slash rather than a hyphen to indicate alternate dates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Group dating or Double date.

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The Julian date 23 November corresponded to the Gregorian 6 December. The treaty was concluded between Roman Catholic parties, who had adopted the Gregorian calendar, and Protestant parties, who had not. Main article: Old Style and New Style dates.

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For details on the change from Lunisolar calendars, see Adoption of the Gregorian calendar. Jahrhunderts 3 ed.

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Franz Steiner Verlag. I believe that, properly and historically, the 'Styles' really refer only to the 'Start of Year' change from March 25 to January 1 ; and that the 'Leap Year' change should be described as the change from Julian to Gregorian. A demonstration of New Style meaning Julian calendar with a start of year adjustment.

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This showed where the New Style started even though the Old Style continued until 24th March. National Diet Library, Japan.

- auditor has two methods for dating the report when a subsequent event disclosed in the financial statements occurs after the auditor has obtained sufficient appropriate evidence on which to base his or her opinion, but before the issuance of the related financial statements. The auditor may use "dual dating," for example.

Archived from the original on 3 December Retrieved 19 March The Korea Times. Archived from the original on 17 December Retrieved 27 August It is no good writing simply 20th Januaryfor a reader is left wondering whether we have used the Old or the New Style reckoning.

Double Underlining in Accounting Double underlining in accounting is typically used to indicate a grand total. Double underlining only appears in the figure at the bottom of a column of a financial statement or the like, and indicates the completion of . Footnotes (AS - Dating of - Auditor's Report): 1 See AS , Subsequent Discovery of Facts Existing at the Date of the Auditor's Report, regarding procedures to be followed by the auditor who, subsequent to the date of his report upon audited financial statements, becomes aware that facts may have existed at that date which might have . Dual dating is the practice, in historical materials, to indicate some dates with what appears to be duplicate, or excessive digits, sometimes separated by a hyphen or a slash. This is also often referred to as double dating. [ citation needed ] The need for double dating arose from the transition from an older calendar to a newer susanneill.comg: financial statements.

The hyphen is best avoided as it can be interpreted as indicating a period of time. Old Style New Style dates and the change to the Gregorian calendar ; and as Ireland was not part of the union of Great Britainseparate legislation was needed for Ireland.

Dating of - Auditor's Report AU Section Dating of - Auditor's Report Source: SAS No. 1, section ; SAS No. 29; SAS No. 98; SAS No. Issue date, unless otherwise indicated: November, The auditor's report should not be dated earlier than the date on which. dual date If a major event comes to the auditor's attention between the report date and issuance of the report, the financial statements may include the event as an adjustment or disclosure. The auditor dual dates the audit report (as of the end of workpaper review, except footnote XX, which is dated . Corporation of the Municipality of Dysart et al. Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements December 31, Liability The Municipality has been notified by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (Ministry) that a site owned and maintained by .

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