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By Gossip Cop Staff pm, June 19, It appeared, however, that the narrative was only concocted after Van Der Beek and Williams had expressed interest in potentially doing a reunion of sorts. In , Dawson Leery was no longer the only man Holmes and Williams had in common. Their dynamic was strictly professional, much like his with Williams. The two actors famously starred together in Brokeback Mountain , along with Williams. Gossip Cop was suspicious for a number of reasons: There had never been any indication prior to this that Williams and Gyllenhaal could be a romantic pairing, and the quotes were worded very unnaturally. That was further proof that the only thing going on between Holmes and Van Der Beek was reflections on their shared past.

They briefly reunite, but when Eddie reappears in Joey's life, she breaks it off with Pacey ironically Pacey and Joey break up at another high school dance resembling the prom. After Pacey and Dawson have another falling out after Pacey's stocks tank and Dawson loses his entire investment, Joey decides that it's time they worked things out for themselves without her in the middle because it "is not her fight" and that it never has been, and never will be.

After a heart to heart with Pacey on the dock, Joey brings everyone together to help Dawson make his movie. Joey finally goes to Paris and the final episode of the season ends with her standing before the famous Eiffel Tower.

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The final two episodes are set approximately five years after the season finale. During this double episode, the five friends return to Capeside for Gail Leery's third wedding but second husband.

Although she had originally planned to spend the weekend with Christopher, Joey runs scared after finding an engagement ring hidden in the couple's dresser while she is packing for the trip.

Dawson lives in Hollywood and is a successful executive producer of his autobiographical TV series, 'The Creek.' He is still single, but has not forgotten the love of his life. Pacey is now the manager to the re-opened restaurant, The Ice House, but still continues his brash lifestyle of dating older women. Dawson's Creek is an American teen drama television series about the lives of a close-knit group of friends beginning in high school and continuing into college that ran from to The series starred James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery, Katie Holmes as his best friend and love interest Joey Potter, Joshua Jackson as their fellow best friend Pacey Witter, and Michelle Created by: Kevin Williamson. Dawson's Creek cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

The five friends reunite at Pacey's restaurant to reminisce about the past. Afterwards, Joey drops by Dawson's house, and the two reestablish their friendship. During Gail's wedding reception, Joey and Pacey kiss reigniting lingering feelings between the twobut the moment is interrupted when Jen collapses.

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It is later discovered that Jen has a deadly heart condition. At the same time, Joey ends her relationship with Christopher and chooses between Dawson and Pacey. Though she loves Dawson, she acknowledges that he is her soulmate who is tied to her childhood, a love that is pure and eternally innocent.

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She also cannot deny she is still in love with Pacey. After Jen's death, she decides to stop running and confront her feelings for Pacey.

In the midst of their romantic entanglements, Joey, Dawson, Jack, and Pacey are brought together at the Ice House, now owned by Pacey, to say goodbye to Jen, who dies from pulmonary congestion. In the epilogue, Joey and Pacey watch Dawson's semi-autobiographical television series The Creek in their apartment before calling up Dawson together, where they discover he is going to meet his hero, Steven Spielberg.

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They have renewed their romantic relationship, and the series ends with them as a couple living together in New York. I come from a small town. I was a tomboy.

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Joey tries to be articulate and deny that she doesn't have a lot of experience in life. Her life parallels mine, which is all about new everything-relationships, personal perceptions-and about being guarded. Dawson's Creek ran from toand Holmes was the only actor to appear in all episodes. I hate change.

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On the other hand it was refreshing to play someone else," she said in I miss her spirit, and her spunk, and I miss her anxiety. She always had these long speeches about her fears and her future and love.

In the late s and early s, the cast of "Dawson's Creek" became household names for a generation of teenagers. Now 20 years have passed since the teen drama's premiere, and its. Josephine Lynn "Joey" Potter (born 14 May ) is a fictional character and de facto lead role from the WB television drama Dawson's Creek, portrayed by Katie Holmes. Joey appeared in all episodes of the series, which ran from - Joey has been friends with Dawson Leery since they were very young. She lives with her older sister Created by: Kevin Williamson.

It was a great tool for me personally because I got to get it all out. I was able to psychoanalyze all of it everyday [ sic? So much of me is in Joey and it really felt like I grew up on television.

And yet, in a gloriously contradictory manner, in spite of her tough-as-nails exterior demeanor, Joey's also a frail, sometimes uncertain, emotionally sensitive, in-need-of-love person", said the show's official book. Joey's mother had died from cancer when Joey was thirteen and her father, Mike Gareth Williamswas in prison for "conspiracy to traffic in marijuana in excess of 10, pounds. described Joey as "kind of an uptight fussbudget-one who's always twisted up over doing the right thing and bungling-up ways to hook up with her crush and across the creek neighbor, Dawson. Jancee Dunn, an editor at Rolling Stone said she was chosen for the cover because "every time you mention Dawson's Creek you tend to get a lot of dolphin-like shrieks from teenage girls. The fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous didn't hurt either.

Reviews were mixed.

The Blade said the characters "just talk like they came from a planet ruled by Manhattan psychologists, one where small talk is punishable by death. Through it all, Joey has managed to hang on to her integrity The show-and Katie's character in particular-has touched a nerve. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. September 23, Dawson's Creek: The Official Companion.

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April October June July 4, December 15, Entertainment Weekly. Issue November 14, Review of Dawson's Creek. January 19, September 5, August 27, Living, January 18, TV Week section.

November 22, November 29, She has plenty of exciting work in the pipeline, including playing Janis Joplin in a biographical film of her life.

The experienced star of the screen has also given impressive stage performances on Broadway's Cabaret and Blackbird. You may not remember Kerr Smith from Dawson's Creek as he wasn't one of the leading characters. Elizabeth Philipps, who goes by the nickname 'Busy', played Audrey Liddell in the teen drama.

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Even though she wasn't an original cast-member, she was a regular in the fifth and sixth series. Sign in. Pruet 1 episode, David Bridgewater Waiter 1 1 episode, JoAnna Garcia Swisher Girl 1 Tracy 1 episode, Pat Gleason Mendick 1 episode, Rebecca Koon Madame Zenovich 1 episode, Amelia Martin Stacey 1 episode, Robin O'Dell Elizabeth 1 episode, Saycon Sengbloh Conspiracy Theorist 1 episode, Cedrick Terrell Lloyd 1 episode, William Flaman Local Guy 1 episode, Tim Grant Family Father 1 episode, Chris Marshall Weatherman 1 episode, Nick Prange Bully 2 1 episode, Alison Robertson Hostess 1 episode, Jeffrey Stepakoff Boy 1 episode, Ronn Carroll Doctor 1 episode, Christopher D.

George the Geeky Freshman 1 episode, Rand Courtney Farley 1 episode, Andy Griffith Andrew Lanier, Mr. Brooks' Friend 1 episode, Andrew Masset Patrick Felker 1 episode, Joanne Pankow Dana the Realtor 1 episode, Julia Wright Kerry Witter 1 episode, Michael J.

Young Couple 1 episode, Kelly Heyniger Candace 1 episode, Andrew McGinnis Jason 1 episode, Drew Seeley Male 1 episode, Jeffrey West Art History Professor 1 episode, Daniel J. Punker Type 1 episode, Leigh Jones Female Student 1 episode, Jeremy Sisto Christopher 1 episode, Matthew Stanton Guy 2 1 episode, Adrienne Harvey Cheerleader 2 1 episode, Evan Kelly Roger Fulford 1 episode, Jeffrey Pillars Maddock 1 episode, Karen Brigman Gossiping Woman 1 1 episode, Rob Dator Heavier Customer 1 episode, Cora Holden Girl with Braces 1 episode, Emilie Jacobs Girl 2 Kelly 1 episode, Derrick Justin Student 1 episode, Fred Maske Teenage Guy 1 episode, Devin Odom Freshman Boy 1 episode, Felecia Rafield Desk Clerk 1 episode, Alan Sader Whit Hubley 1 episode, Barbara Weetman Mendick 1 episode, Harold Bergman Elderly Reverend 1 episode, Caleb Burress Bad Actor 1 1 episode, Kendrick Cross Medic 1 episode, Christian Durango Billy 1 episode, Lisa Mae Fincannon Girl 1 episode, Karen Kirschenbauer Handsome Woman 1 episode, Stephen G.

Bruce the Harbor Master 1 episode, Ethan Wilcox Random Student 1 1 episode, Arian Ash Kissing Girl 1 episode, Brianne Davis Ashley the Hot Assistant 1 episode, Gavin Gregory Mike 1 episode, Pat Hingle Irv the Mechanic 1 episode, Kate Kneeland Tina 1 episode, Becky Loyd Tracy the Secretary 1 episode, Marty Terry Guard Sylvia 1 episode, Jeremy Fischer Co-worker 1 1 episode, Joshua Hall Alexander 1 episode, Zach Hanner Drunken Townie 1 episode, Alaina Huffman Rina 1 episode, No Doubt Thelma 1 episode, Jacob Billingsley Roady Type 1 episode, Torrey DeVitto Girl 1 1 episode, Dino Muccio Stock Broker Type 1 episode, Troy Rudeseal Police Officer 1 episode, J.

Matthew Stevens Random Hot Guy 1 episode, David Lenthall Superintendent 1 episode, Nancy Saunders Landlady 1 episode, Tripp Green Kid 1 episode, Dean James Waiter 1 episode, Lindsay Leb Christy Anity 1 episode, Bret McKee Annoying Customer 1 episode, Brandon O'Dell Student 2 1 episode, Cynthia Stegner Gossiping Woman 2 1 episode, Sara Seidman Vance Random Singer 1 episode, Avis-Marie Barnes Counselor 1 episode, Tyrone Hicks Bad Actor 2 1 episode, J.

Dawsons creek cast dating

Michael Hunter Robert Caufield 1 episode, Burgess Jenkins Brad 1 episode, Sean Patrick Random Student 2 1 episode, Colter Allison Alex the Writing Snob 1 episode, Janie Brookshire Party Guest Carla 1 episode, Shea Broom Big Ace Waitress 1 episode, William Day Trevor 1 episode, Aaron Guilmette Kissing Guy 1 episode, Tony Hale Bronin 1 episode, Jason Horgan Alan 1 episode, Graciela Marin Saferide Woman 1 episode, Rachel True Kira 1 episode, Lucas Waterworth Brad 1 episode, Mayte Arguello Louise 1 episode, Nicole Brooks Hot Girl 1 episode, Jennifer Ferrin Nervous Girl 1 episode, Wayne Roberts Adam 1 episode, Cydnee Welburn Concert Goer 1 episode, Megan Blake Dentist 1 episode, Jill Jackson Marcy 1 episode, Rob Priester Roady Type 1 episode, Alice Rogers Girl 2 1 episode, Steven Roten Writer 1 1 episode, Jon Stafford The D.

Football Player 2 1 episode, Janice Fincher Lilian Potter 1 episode, Shane German Amanda Reckonwith 1 episode, Brian Lee Powell Jazz Musician 1 episode, Mark Steelman Student 3 1 episode, Suellen Yates Librarian 1 episode, Michael Harding Sort of Good Actor 1 episode, Casey Kelvington Random Student 3 1 episode, Chuck Kinlaw Bus Driver 1 episode, Dawn Spinella Administrative Assistant 1 episode, Jessica R.

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Screaming Woman 1 episode, Jenifer Crowell Vera Waitress 1 episode, Liz Ernest Snooty Woman 1 episode, Michael Horvath Student 1 episode, George Lee Film Festival Director 1 episode, Bing Putney Crying Guy 1 episode, Jeannette Weegar Jessica 1 episode, Thomas Blake Jr.

Dancer 1 episode, Kathleen Thompson-Parker Ticket Taker 2 1 episode, Ashley Williams Lory Glory 1 episode, Fedele P. Folino Jr. The Gaffer 1 episode, Scott Helm Business Man 1 episode, Kate Leahey Teacher 1 episode, Zach Lee Giggling Camera Guy 1 episode, Greg Thompson Guy Executive 1 episode, Rick Warner Store Owner 1 episode, Genevive Barker News Anchor 1 episode, Mary Lucy Bivins Older Customer 1 episode, Acie Hendricks Summer Clearance 1 episode, Jason Saucier Bartender 1 episode, John Shearin Emmett Creed 1 episode, David Andrews Gus Weiner 1 episode, Julie Ann Horanski Donna the Secretary 1 episode, Lauren Vaughan Drunk Girl 1 episode, Kate Vernon Woman 1 episode, Camille Bergman Hot Girl 1 episode, Tyhm Kennedy Dancer 1 episode, Scott W.

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Editor 1 episode, Stuart Ward Door Guy 1 episode, Michael Genevie Cafe Man 1 episode, Elizabeth Roberts Writer 3 1 episode, Susan Stox Female Executive 1 episode, Bobby Tyson Another Partygoer 1 episode, Veda Wilson Nurse 1 episode, Beatrice Bush Receptionist 1 episode, Kevin Martin Eller Linebacker 1 episode, Dan Martin Megan Whoopie 1 episode, Greg Provance Marky Mark 1 episode, Taylor Webb Random Student 1 1 episode, Mary Holt Fickes Mack the Bartender 1 episode, Anthony Mauro Bouncer 1 episode, David Richani Cook 1 episode, Matthew Smith Production Assistant 1 episode, Steve DuMouchel Foreman 1 episode, Tripp Eisen The Band 1 episode, Brandon Hirsch Guy in Line 1 episode, Allan Edwards Restaurant Owner 1 episode, Satu Runa Singer 1 episode, Kalani McGinn Bullington Young Joey Potter 1 episode, Jonathan Orcutt Bus Driver 1 episode, Joe Rickman Lone Student 1 episode, Laura Anne Green No Neck 1 1 episode, Mary Beth Maziarz Self 1 episode, Cedric Pendleton Typo 1 episode, Jim Grimshaw Police Officer 1 episode, Paula Jones Dancer 1 episode, Joey Jordison The Band 1 episode, Calvin Brown Prep Cook 1 episode, Brian Rankin Singer 1 episode, Lisa Cafiero Woman's Major Student 1 episode, Preston Grover Young Dawson Leery 1 episode, John Baker Bad Actor 3 1 episode, Austin Taylor Little Boy 1 episode, Isaiah Pretulak No Neck 2 1 episode, Donny De Castro Ticket Taker 1 1 episode, Stephanie Nevin Dancer 1 episode, Acey Slade The Band 1 episode, Tymoteusz Dvorak Singer 1 episode, David Thomas Jenkins Jock Kid 1 episode, Toi Svane Stepp Junior Girl 1 episode, Griffin Taylor No Neck 3 1 episode, John Copeman Security Guard 1 episode, Lanny Scott Dancer 1 episode, Sam Tyler Singer 1 episode, Jonathan Frappier Junior Boy 1 episode, Lara Anne Smith Dancer 1 episode, Mehera Blum Bass Player 1 episode, Mark Joy Maddy's Hubby 1 episode, Richard Dorton Gay Man 1 1 episode, Jim Cheatham Gay Man 2 1 episode, Dean Mumford Buddy 1 1 episode, Denis Larouche Buddy 2 1 episode, Vincent Peeples Lead Singer 1 episode, Andy Douglas House Dawson's friend 1 episode, Shanda Lee Munson Waitress 1 episode, Cory Palumbo Jason 1 episode, John Schwert Prom Date 1 episode, Michele Seidman Lunch Lady 1 episode, McKenzie Calhoun Harry Pepper 1 episode, Tim Niverth Little Kid 1 episode, David Marshall Grant Officer Sullivan 1 episode, Wednesday The Band 1 episode, Jeff Babb Assistant Director 1 episode, Tom Dumont Tom Dumont 1 episode, Tony Kanal Tony Kanal 1 episode, M2M M2M 1 episode, P.

Guy At Bar 1 episode, Lewis Musser Soccer Dad 1 episode, Elei Reyes Student 1 episode, Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani 1 episode, Amanda Wing Alina 1 episode, Adrian Young Adrian Young 1 episode, Nina Jones Boss 1 episode, Kylie Lundy Baby Amy 1 episode, Adam Nee Jaime 1 episode, Louis St.

Brokerage Boy 1 episode, Mary Elizabeth White Student uncredited 4 episodes, George Mims Capeside Football Player uncredited 4 episodes, Rease Etzler Michael Catherton uncredited 3 episodes, Kevin Lapsley Student uncredited 3 episodes, Jeremy D.

Party Goer uncredited 2 episodes, Pete M. College Student uncredited 2 episodes, Chance Kelley Capeside Football Player uncredited 2 episodes, Chris Plouffe Wedding Chef uncredited 2 episodes, Farrah Skyler Greye College Student uncredited 2 episodes, Alan Christy Football Player uncredited 1 episode, Liesl Ehardt Cheerleader uncredited 1 episode, Langley McArol Chess Player 1 uncredited 1 episode, Rana Morrison Chess Player 2 uncredited 1 episode, Randy Schiener Kid at Locker uncredited 1 episode, Chris M.

Pacey Witter uncredited 1 episode, Joe Cobb Jr. Coach Jones uncredited 1 episode, Nikki Griffin Extra uncredited 1 episode, Averett Hunter Student uncredited 1 episode, Jason Loftus Substitute Teacher uncredited 1 episode, John McGivney Waiter 2 uncredited 1 episode, Shaun O'Donnell Minuteman Football Player uncredited 1 episode, Race Owen Dave Fachelli uncredited 1 episode, Jenny Dare Paulin Girl being Interviewed uncredited 1 episode, Eric L.

Student uncredited 1 episode, Stephania Schmidt Extra uncredited 1 episode, Susan Spano Claire - Girl on Bus uncredited 1 episode, Chip Thomas Minuteman Mascot uncredited 1 episode, Christopher Wolf Sideburned Student uncredited 1 episode, Jason Eaves Grad Student uncredited 1 episode, Kyle Jason Louque Maitre D' uncredited 1 episode, Christina McDowell Student uncredited 1 episode, April Mills Party Girl uncredited 1 episode, Dale Wolfe Erik uncredited 1 episode, Anthony Boco Prom Guest uncredited 1 episode, Jeremy DeCarlos Film Festival Patron uncredited 1 episode, Hatcher Flaschen Keanu Guy uncredited 1 episode, Tristan Jackson Henry the Waiter uncredited 1 episode, James Russell Lingerfelt Classmate uncredited 1 episode, Anthony J.

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Friend uncredited 1 episode, Jonathan Soronen Party Greeter uncredited 1 episode, Ashley Stinnett Athlete uncredited 1 episode, Mark Anthony Aman Concert Vendor uncredited 1 episode, Erin Chick Dancer uncredited 1 episode, Matthew Crawley College Student uncredited 1 episode, Doshia Darmane Student uncredited 1 episode, Henry Garrett Droege Dawson's PA uncredited 1 episode, Scot Dunlap Drunk Stockbroker uncredited 1 episode, Mary Harris Dancer uncredited 1 episode, Travis Hicks Spring Breaker uncredited 1 episode, Andrew Horne Stock Broker uncredited 1 episode, Lutfy Mandhiry Jr.

Partier uncredited 1 episode, Nathan Moore Guy in Library uncredited 1 episode, Darrell B. Darrell the Deaf Shagwhit uncredited 1 episode, Greg Taylor Restaurant Patron uncredited 1 episode, Shon Blotzer Hospital visitor uncredited 1 episode, Christopher DesRoches Student uncredited 1 episode, Court Dickert Valet uncredited 1 episode, Lance Gutterman College Student 3 uncredited 1 episode, Kimby Jagnandan Bar Patron uncredited 1 episode, Michael Kozak Jim uncredited 1 episode, Janis Lozano Student uncredited 1 episode, Christopher J.

Barfly uncredited 1 episode, Robert Pralgo Cute Guy uncredited 1 episode, Luigi Priore Luigi Pardo uncredited 1 episode, Erik Smith John uncredited 1 episode, Dina Torok Background Singer uncredited 1 episode, Brendan Vogel Street Vendor uncredited 1 episode, Abbey Wade Pottery Shop Owner uncredited 1 episode, Mike Whaley Monique Floyd Chris Newberg Douglas Cameron Effects Inc.

Grant Jewett Ezzell III Steadicam operator unknown episodes Derek E. Steadicam operator unknown episodes Bo Webb Simmons Jr. Michael Hewett Composer: additional music 1 episode, Remy Zero Security Michelle williams 1 episode, Miriam Bohnet-Brew Edit page.

Add episode. A Life in Series. Maybe watch? Favorite TV shows of all time. Share this page:.

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Clear your history. Dawson Leery episodes, Joey Potter episodes, Jen Lindley episodes, Pacey Witter episodes, Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan episodes, Jack McPhee episodes, Gail Leery 93 episodes, Bessie Potter 88 episodes, Mitch Leery 83 episodes, Audrey Liddell 46 episodes, Doug Witter 20 episodes, Gretchen Witter 20 episodes, Drue Valentine 17 episodes, Eddie Doling 16 episodes, Henry Parker 15 episodes, Abby Morgan 15 episodes, Todd Carr 14 episodes, Charlie Todd 12 episodes, Emma Jones 11 episodes, Professor David Wilder 10 episodes, Bodie Wells 10 episodes, Professor Greg Hetson 9 episodes,

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