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Ranch Story , and formerly known as Harvest Moon , is an agricultural simulation role-playing video game series created by Yasuhiro Wada and developed by Victor Interactive Software acquired by Marvelous Entertainment in , now Marvelous Inc. Story of Seasons was the first game to be released under the new international series title of the same name. From to , Natsume oversaw the English translation and distribution of the Bokujo Monogatari series in North America, where the games were released under the series title Harvest Moon. In , however, Marvelous Inc. The main objective of the series is to rebuild a run-down old farm and turn it into a successful one.

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Gift giving and interacting with the love interest may increase the love interest's affection, and if their affection is high enough marriage may be proposed.

Often, the proposal is made with a Blue Feather. In some games, love interests have rivals, who will marry them if the player does not.

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The feature was removed from the North American version over concern its inclusion would have raised the game's ESRB rating. In many versions, it is possible to have children.

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However, in Story of Seasonsunlike the other games, pregnancy is only experienced once, as the player character winds up having twins. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is the first game in the series that allows the player to have two children of either gender, and Rune Factory 3 allows the player to have three children of either gender.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility expands on this by letting the player restart the game as their child after the completion of an end game event. Rune Factory 2 is the only Story of Seasons where the player can personify two characters, the father and his son or daughter. In recent years, Harvest Moon has inspired a large number of social network games based around farming, most notably Happy Farm and FarmVille From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


For the separate series which began insee Harvest Moon video game series. For the first game released under this title, see Story of Seasons video game.

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Retrieved 24 July Retrieved 10 September Retrieved 12 September Retrieved 6 May Happy Farm ". The 15 Most Influential Games of the Decade. Retrieved 20 April AQ Interactive.

Dating Story Of Seasons, speed dating slug and lettuce didsbury, dating sites hull, divergent characters dating/ Flower Events. For all bachelors/bachelorettes except Elise, there will be cut scenes that are triggered when you have at least Friendship Points with the person (the flower will be white), then when the person has a purple flower, then (if you are dating) when the person has a yellow flower then (if you are dating) when the person has a pink flower.

Archived from the original on 2 November China Times. Archived from the original on 24 March Together they will help each other become successful.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Trailer

The default male name is Johnny whilst the default female name is Annie. If you want to check your friendship level with someone who does not bear a flower, press the L button when next to them:.

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Continue raising their flowers until the Player able to propose to them using the blue feather. This will be sold at the general store.


This is the Player's marriage proposal, and if they are at a high enough affection level, they will accept and you will become engaged.

Licorice and Kamil are the only marriage candidates who do not have a flower next to their names when you talk to them unless you start dating them. You can still find out your friendship level with them. Just press L when you are near them. An animation will appear above their heads.

Here is what each animation means:. For Elise, these flower events will only occur after you have seen the four cutscenes where she inspects your farm the last one takes place in Winter of Year 2and her flower events require higher flower colors. Her flower color will be blue for the first event, green for the second, and pink for the final two.

Story of Seasons, known in Japan as Bokujo Monogatari (????, Story), and formerly known as Harvest Moon, is an agricultural simulation role-playing video game series created by Yasuhiro Wada and developed by Victor Interactive Software (acquired by Marvelous Entertainment in , now Marvelous Inc.). Story of Seasons was the first game to be released under the new Developer(s): Marvelous, (formerly Victor . Hi gentlemen! Are you Dating Story Of Seasons looking for sophisticated and escort girl to accompany you in my paradise, then look no further; Our escorts agency is the best to fulfill your wildest fantasy! My name is Karishma, 23 years old, a slim and sexy and beautiful girl in Powai/ The first step in finding a friend with benefits is Dating Story Of Seasons finding friends. The friends you find matter, of course. If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less likely to find a sex partner than Dating Story Of Seasons if you make friends among sex-positive people. So it helps to make sex-positive friends/

To start officially dating one of your love interests, you have to have seen the first two flower events for that person, and you need to have at least a blue flower with that person in other words, that person's flower can be any color except purple and white.

Then you have to give that person a Ring. To get the ring, you have to build the Sewing Studio the Silk Country sells the blueprintthen use Silver and Fluorite to create the ring at the Accessory Bench. After that, you can give the ring to your love interest.

Dating story of seasons

Find the person on a Saturday or Sunday when there are no festivals and it is not raining, and give the ring as a gift. Alternatively, you can trigger a reverse ring exchange if you have the ring in your bag and you have given the person at least gifts and you have or more Friendship Points with that person. For Raeger, this only works if he is in the restaurant, not in his room. The person will use your Ring to start dating you. As long as you met all the requirements, the person will start dating you, and you can choose a nickname for that person to call you.

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There will now be a white flower bud next to the person's flower. Then go to his or her house to start a cut scene where you can decide whether or not to break up.

Story of Seasons

To get back together after a break up, increase the person's friendship points to a red flower i. To get married, you first have to unlock Dessie by visiting all four rental fields to meet the Harvest Sprites. Then after you are dating somebody, Dessie will explain about marriage.

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