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He was happily married to Linda from , and they have two sons, Jack and Sean. As a young man, Danny and Walter Harrison Beene worked construction. Danny is a tireless worker and a highly skilled detective with keen instincts and years of experience who firmly believes that good old-fashioned police work is the best strategy to utilize when trying to catch a suspect. He has made more collars than any other detective in his precinct. His hard-nosed nature and short temper often exacerbates the situations and causes him to go above and beyond the rules to close cases by taking advantage of his power, and he has a tendency to act brutal towards the criminals he collars, a tactic that is almost criminal itself, - which, in turn, makes it harder to bring a clear case against them in court, and sometimes gets him suspended.

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Father's Day Gifts for Golfers. Amy Carlson left Blue Bloods in Her character, Lindawas married to Donnie Wahlberg's Danny.

'Blue Bloods': Danny Learns the Truth Behind His Wife Linda Reagan's Death

Now, Donnie is opening up about Danny's dating future. Do we think Baez and Danny are finally going to start something?

Nov 16,   Danny is also going through another major life transition: his eldest on-screen son, Jack (Tony Terraciano), has left for college. So, is a second Mrs. Reagan on the horizon? Both Danny Reagan and Rafael Barba have successful lives and never have met in their entire lives. but they are part of the story series. Each is different and unique. From the story that Frank is dating Garrett to where Danny gives birth to Sean. The stories have something in common, small and amazing. Mpreg, male lactation, graphic birth. Dec 06,   Fans have fallen in love with Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg and his character as NYPD Det. Danny Reagan, but there is one question that lingers on everyone's mind is: Will Reagan ever date again following the passing of his wife, Linda Reagan (played by Amy Carlson)? The long-running series now in its 10th season, gave fans an unexpected twist Author: Victoria Moghaddami.

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Dec 25,   Blue Bloods's Linda Reagan has been gone since , but Danny Reagan has yet to date again. Actor Donnie Wahlberg talks about Danny's dating future, and if he sees himself with Baez or Megan Stein. Mar 16,   The Blue Bloods Instagram account uploaded a photo of Danny Reagan and Maria Baez dancing together.; The cute post has many fans hoping the partners get together romantically. Danny hasn't had a relationship since the death of his wife, Linda Reagan. Nov 10,   In this week's shocking episode of Blue Bloods, Luis Delgado, the man who torched Danny Reagan's house, revealed that Linda Reagan did not die in a helicopter death was ordered a Mexican drug cartel Danny was investigating. At the end of "By Hook Or By Crook," Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips) double-crossed Danny (Donnie Author: Daniel S. Levine.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Best of TV Frank put away a lot of people in his day, and not everyone thanked him for it.

An old case comes back to haunt him, nothing new, only this time, Jamie will be the one to suffer. Daphne is taken to the Aquarium where something unexpected happens. While at her birthday Danny and the others are able to celebrate their first birthday with her. Mpreg, graphic birth and male lactation.

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Sam and Dean encounter the goddess of protection on what they thought was a routine ghost hunt. She decides that they would have the childhood that they deserve with no other than Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan.

Blue Bloods 9x09 reaction: Should Danny Reagan date again?

I would love for you guys to comment, a thing that seems out of place or confusion or spelling and grammar, anything really. AU- 6x An officer involved shooting makes the job harder for everyone.

Danny reagan dating

Jamie and Danny talk. Eddie and Jamie make a decision and Jamie makes a decision about his future. AU of 6x Marcus Beale causes more problems for Jamie and Eddie.

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How do they deal with it? How does DAnny deal with the consequences of his decisions? AU for episode 6x Jamie helps Renzulli out and he has to deal with someone's request for Joe's shield number and all that the ask brings with it.

All it took was six hours and fifty two minutes Danny is shaken and unable to identify his attacker. Baez now needs to work with the Staten Island detectives to find his rapists and put them all behind bars.

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If Danny doesn't lose his sanity by then In the times of crisis, it's the power of family that gets you through. AU of 5x21 and 5x22 in the What the Heart Wants series.

Both Danny Reagan and Rafael Barba have successful lives and never have met in their entire lives. Reagan scoffs at the idea of becoming a prosecutor, the courts are tied up and clogged tighter than New York at rush hour.

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Barba could never imagine himself shooting at a perp, much less tackle one, he isn't even fit for a yard dash. When a horrifying series of events occur, their souls are switched, Daniel and Rafael now must adjust to their new lives and new families, all without anybody noticing No spoilers. The night Joe dies, Danny decides he does not want Jamie to know it from the news or by phone, so he takes his car and drives to Harvard.

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But will Jamie be the only one who needs consolation? Joe nearly got killed by the Blue Templar because of what they have been doing.

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Now comes in Daphne, a rookie cop.

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