Are bts reaction to you dating yoongi are some

You Suffer From Idiopathic Hypersomnia. How Sex With Them Is. He Proposes To You. They Are Overprotective Of You. You Have A Quiet Voice. They Find You Smoking. They Help You Learn Korean.

Never ever. Originally posted by parkjiminer. Namjoon looks up at you and studies your face carefully. You stare at him right back. I overheard him talking about you with Jungkook. Remind him of that. Originally posted by dailyjeons. Jimin frowns at his cookie.

Jin was much older than him, let alone you.


Why do you like him? If he hurts you, how am I supposed to beat him up? Originally posted by jikookdetails. Taehyung sighs. He saw this coming. You know I hate it when you cry. Originally posted by syubjoon. No matter how great he is or how many cookies you make, my answer is no. You can tell the exact moment he does because his shoulders slump and he pouts. Originally posted by jjeonguk. Shout out to everyone whose mental health is dependent on routines in this time of everything being shut down, moved online, or shrouded in complete uncertainty.

I was tagged by geonhak-moons. Rules: you usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music the listen to! Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people! No skipping! Originally posted by demongyeom. Originally posted by kissyjae. BamBam : It would distract him from focusing on his work knowing that there were people out there who had hateful opinions about him dating a person of color.

Originally posted by mochabam. Originally posted by chahyungwon. If that is scenario, feels like a reaction though lol but thank you writing. I is also late with this reaction, but when am I not. Shownu : When Shownu heard that he was going with you to a cookout, he was so nervous.

BTS reaction to you having a secret artistic ability Jin: Yoongi: Yoongi had an idea of you ability since he was always getting after you for doodling on that back of his music scores but when he walked past you making a rough sketch of him he couldn't help but pull the sketch book out of your hands and stare at susanneill.come. Tags. May I please request a BTS reaction where you their usually quiet girlfriend gets hyper, and roasts yoongi? Thank you Requested by anon. Y'all sorry if I butchered this I hope y'all like. *gifs are not mine* Namjoon: You were hanging w/ Namjoon at the dorms one night. You were laying your head on his shoulder, when Yoongi started gagging.

Instantly you were greeted by your family and some family friends. Before he knew it, you being dragged away by your aunties. Shownu stood there awkwardly and could see your family looking at him weird. This your boyfriend? You already knew you were going to get mixed reactions for dating an Asian man. You pat his arm and start introducing him to everyone. Some stuck up their noses, some tried to clown, and some were very accepting towards him.

Your cousins really liked him and so did your friends. He went off to go play with the kids and you smiled. He came up to you a couple of hours later, exhausted, asking when this would be over. You laughed and said until everyone leaves.

See, that's what the app is perfect for.

Wonho : He was asking so many questions like what should he wear, how should he act and should he not bring anything. You chuckled and pulled him close to you. I already made the mac and cheese. You smile excitedly and hurry out the car, waiting for Wonho to take your hand. As you both walk hand in hand, you can see some of them whispering and laughing. You squeeze his hand and pull him towards the kitchen. You tell Wonho to set the mac and the cheese on the table.

If anyone gives you any trouble, you come tell me alright. It gets darker and your uncle turns the music up and you get out there and dance with your family. Wonho sits and stares at you, happy to be a part of this moment. You tell him to go ahead while you finish getting ready. He leaves and sees your whole family. He sticks out like a sore thumb, he knows that.

He sees some of your aunt and uncles that he knows and approaches them. You approach the area and see Minhyuk laughing it up with your great uncles and aunts. You were surprised because they look so comfortable talking to him. You walk around with him, but he decides he wants to hang out with you guy cousins. You keep a close eye on him and he has everyone laughing and smiling. The family reunion was a success because Minhyuk got to see how big your family was and he knew how important it was for you.

Kihyun: He was very nervous to hear the news about him being invited to a gathering with your family. You guys have been dating for 6 months and you felt that it was finally time to introduce him to the family and what better way to do that, than at a cookout. You promised him that if anyone did try to come for him, your uncle would be right there to protect him. Kihyun was so nervous and he stuck by your side the whole time.

Your family was pretty open with Kihyun and he started to relax after awhile. Jooheon : He was very excited to be invited to the family reunion because you talked so highly of your family and he knew family was important to you. He looked up what to expect and you were so triggered because whatever he read online will not be exactly the same.

You guys got there late because you had to cook the greens and you had forgot to add the ham hocks so that was added last minute. Everybody was excited to see you and the new boyfriend.

Black Girl Magic - BTS Reaction To Their s/o Roasting Yoongi

Everyone was asking him questions about what he did and how you met. He started to drift away from you and you let him and you went to go sit down with your close cousins. You told him it was a gathering with some friends and family, but mostly family. He was excited and a little scared because he had no idea who these people were and some of your male relatives looked a little intimidating.

You brought him around everyone and of course you had that one cousin who always had to one up you in everything. Hyungwon noticed and he began to comfort you, not knowing why you were feeling annoyed. You got over it and started to bring him over to the food table and you explained to him what certain foods were and who made them, so he could compliment them. Changkyun : You had asked him the day of, how he would feel about meeting a bunch of your family and close family friends.

He of course was excited because he wanted to hear all the stories your relatives had to say and to also see how you interacted with your family. When you got there, it was like you became a totally different person not really.

You moved around a lot and he could see how close you were to your family. You had almost forgot about him until one of your family members asked who the Asian guy was. You brought him over and apologized for leaving him. As soon as you said boyfriend, you could see some of your younger relatives snickering in the back and you just rolled your eyes.

Your family began to start telling him stories about you and you were so embarrassed.

Bts reaction to you dating yoongi

Changkyun was enjoying every moment and it seemed like they preferred his company over yours. After about an hour, he found you again sitting with your cousins and he was laughing.

Read BTS reaction: Staff making fun of you from the story bts ; reactions and preferences by waanggg (??? ?????) with 2, reads. gf, reactions, bts. Namjoon. A small smile appeared on Yoongi's face, turning away from the boys as he began replying to your message. "Why won't you answer us Yoongi?" "I'm ignoring you," he chuckled, "you're all just jealous that you're single and alone." "Maybe he is still cold hearted after all." Originally posted by cyyphr. Hoseok. Hi can you do a BTS reaction to you dating a member and you're a worldwide famous model/ actress/ singer (idc what you choose) and another male idol publicly announces you as their wce Jin: He'd see it when the two of you were lounging on the couch in his dorm.

Originally posted by the-xclan. Just vampire power stuff. Mark: You were really trying to hold it in, but the scent of his blood was just driving you crazy, so you walked away. You were gone for a goo while so he went to check on you and he gagged at what he saw.

BTS Reaction - You're Dating Another Member You've been dating one of your brother's band members for a couple of months. Of course, your brother doesn't know this. "You know, Yoongi's a great guy and-" BTS. 3) As If It's Your Last - Blackpink. 4) Fake Love - BTS. BTS Reaction-Arguing with Yoongi When Yoongi invivted you to his studio to listen to his new song you couldn't wait. You listened to it and thought it was amazing. Yoongi then went to go get a drink but while he was gone you accidentally share the song to the BTS Twitter without realising until Yoongi came back mad as hell. Read Dating Yoongi will include from the story bts ; reactions and preferences by waanggg (??????? ?????) with 2, reads. rm, btspreferences, btsfanfic Reviews: 2.

You pouring a bag of blood into your mug. Originally posted by jinyoungot7.

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