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Have you ever felt that utterly giddy feeling that you only get when you meet the one that you truly love? Have you ever had to face some kind of separation from the one person that you truly love? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you must also be aware of that desire that you often feel when you just only wish to watch some of the best romantic movies that are out there and relax. And if that is the case with you but you are not sure about exactly which romantic movie you would like to watch then we are right here to help. And one of the ways through which can help you in by providing you with the list of some of the best Indian romantic movies out there. Top 25 list of the best romantic movies in Bollywood is mentioned below:. The story revolves around the unbreakable bond between two brothers and how they go beyond all limits for each other.

They had a marriage ceremony bit similar to weddings in church because of their cultural and religious differences.

Break-ups of TV couples

They have two children - Hrehaan Roshan and Hridhaan Roshan. But unfortunately, their cute love story came to an end and now they are divorced. Madhuri got married to US-based Dr. Sriram Nene inleaving millions of hearts broken. They have two sons- Arine Nene and Raayan Nene.

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This beautiful couple faced a lot of problems to be together, and they finally got married on October 25, Their 36 years of marital bond is a perfect example of friendship, love and marriage. Life of this sweetheart couple of the 70s was no less than a straight-out-of-dream fairy tale. Neetu gave up her acting career after the marriage and took responsibilities of her family. They are truly meant for each other and we wish they stay together till eternity.

Event Plannings. However, they both belong to families which are wide apart in terms of their social status. Because of this, they face a great deal of opposition from their families and the entire society. But they do not wish to be separated from one another and because of that, they both decide to elope. This movie tries to handle some of the most shocking truths about our society and it is successful in doing that. Everything is handled quite tastefully and this movie should definitely be on your list of the best romantic movies that you will soon like to watch.

This movie is the last movie on our list of the best romantic movies.

Bollywood dating couples 2016

And this movie was released in the year This movie was directed by the incredibly talented Sharat Katariya. And the basic plot of this movie around a couple who are from a small town. They both decide to make some kind of changes in their life and to take some steps in the forward direction.

Feb 13,   Just like Bollywood couples, fans love small-screen's real-life jodis as well. And, when these couples breakup, it comes as a surprise and shock to their fans. Oct 27,   8 Famous Bollywood Couples Who Tied the Knot in Winters The adorable couple started dating in the year list bollywood couples marriage bollywood couples wedding pictures bollywood married actress list bollywood real life couples bollywood real life couples list bollywood real life married couples Dr. Sriram Nene and Madhuri. Salman, Katrina and more: The Bollywood wedding diary for is a year of ­celebrations for these star couples who have the social ­media abuzz with ­reports of their ­wedding.

Because of this, the couple decides to start their own garment business. However, everything is not that easy and smooth for them as they have to fight against a number of different odds to finally be able to achieve their true goal. This movie is sweet and is bound to be a rather enjoyable watch for you. This epic love story is set against the backdrop of the Uttarakhand floods of It also touches upon the taboo surrounding inter-religious relationships in India.

Masoor and Mukku are in love, which enrages her family and they get her married to another Hindu Brahmin in a hurry.

With major religious unrest going on in Kedarnath, the two lovers have to keep their heads up and deal with the forces of society and nature.

It remains to be seen what they have to sacrifice to be together. This movie was released in the year and was directed by the incredibly talented Luv Ranjan. And if you are familiar with some of the work that Luv Ranjan has done then you must know that you are in for a treat.

The basic plot of this movie revolves around two men named Sonu and Titu. Both of these men have known each other since they were mere children and are the greatest friends. Titu decides to marry a girl named Sweety.

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But Sweety is behind Titus money, wealth, and status. Sonu has his suspicions about her and is hell-bent on making Titu realize the entire truth behind the beautiful mask that Sweety carries. The movie is hilarious and you are bound to especially fall in love with the songs that are in this movie.

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And unlike some of the romantic movies that we have mentioned in our list, this movie is not that hard to take and is actually a quite light and enjoyable watch. This movie was also well received across the entire specter of the audience. And because of this, this movie also did quite well on the box office.

It has been directed by Anand Tiwari and is available on Netflix to stream online.

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The story has won hearts all around the world and is a must-watch romantic movie. Sanjay and Karina are colleagues who dream of buying their own house in Mumbai. However, something or the other always hold them back.

When they come upon a joint housing scheme, they toy with the idea of getting a home together. It is known for its catchy songs and has been inspired by the Telugu film Devadasu. Sushrut is a poor student who dreams about opening his own Garba academy as that is his passion. Michelle is a brilliant scholar in London who arrives in Baroda with her family and meets Sushrut.

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They meet at a Garba festival and become friends. When Sushrut falls in love with her, he has to prove his worth and achieve something in his life to win her hand. This movie portrays the complications in modern relationships and the area between black and white where morality lies when you are in love. In rage and scorn, Rumi married Robbie, the guy her family chooses for her. But she is torn with indecision and keeps going back to her love, much to the concern of her husband who has fallen in love with her.

He is accompanied by Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in this movie.

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Kaif plays a film star who is depressed after her much publicized breakup, Anushka plays a scientist with cerebral palsy and SRK plays a dwarf from Meerut. Bauua Singh meets Aafia for an arrange marriage and the two connect over their physical limitations. However, on the day of their wedding, he abandons her to grab an opportunity to meet superstar Babita Kumari. After going through a bout of self-realization, he returns to Aafia to make a shocking discovery and prove his love and sincerity.

It tells a passionate love story against the backdrop of the Indian Civil Service and depicts an accurate picture of the Indian middle class mentality. Aarti and Satyendra meet for an arranged marriage and fall in love with each other. Aarti is a brilliant student and Sattu is a clerk in the Excise Department. Satyendra becomes an IAS Officer in vengeance and fate brings the two face to face again when Aarti is in a tough spot which can be helped by Satyendra.

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But above all, it is the story of great love, a love that goes beyond lifetime and becomes immortal. It also showcases the infamous Jalianwala Bagh massacre during the Indian freedom movement. Kanan is a Canada-returned Manglik who is made to marry a tree before finally getting married to his long-term girlfriend Anu. After the ceremony, he is haunted by the spirit of a woman named Shashi who tells him her story.

Even after her death, she is searching for her lost lover. It is based in Kolkata and the story spins across many cities as the characters and their journey evolves. Ayushmann plays Abhimanyu Roy and Parineeti plays Bindu Shankarnarayanan, two childhood friends whose relationship changes with time and circumstances. Abhimanyu is in love with Bindu since childhood but content to be her friend. They connect over music and mischief but life takes them to different places and away from each other.

These star-crossed lovers experience a unique journey over a period of time which brings them closer and also takes them apart. Bitti is a modern woman who gets rejected by prospective grooms because of her open-mindedness and free spirit.

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On reading a book named Bareilly Ki Barfi, she assumes that the lead character is based on her and goes in search of the author. Now, Bitti is caught between the two characters and a beautiful love story blossoms, along with friendships and heartbreak.

This movie was released in the year and was directed by the incredibly talented Mohit Suri. This movie is actually based on a novel that was written by Chetan Bhagat. And the basic plot of this movie revolves around a man named Madhav Jha and a woman named Riya Somani.

Madhav is actually a student from Bihar and he ends up taking admission in a college in Delhi. He meets Riya Somani in his college and he falls in love with her. He tries to win her over but she is never interested anything more than just being friends. This movie might just be a little relatable to some of us out there.

But whatever the case, you are bound to love this movie. This movie is also one of the best and the latest romantic movie Bollywood.

Top 8 Bollywood Couples Real Life

Alia Bhatt as Vaidehi Trivedi. If you are looking for a romantic movie in Bollywood that is sweet and is filled with some of the best songs that you might have ever heard then this movie should definitely be your choice.

The basic plot of this movie revolves around a man named Badri and a woman named Vaidehi.

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Badri is actually the son of a very wealthy man. Soon after that sparks are flying everywhere between them and they eventually end up falling for each other. However, things are not that simple as Badri wants nothing but to marry the love of his life Vaidehi.

But Vaidehi wishes to pursue her dreams and become an air hostess. We do get a happy ending in this romantic movie of Bollywood but all of that is not done without taking all of us on a rollercoaster ride. This movie was very well received and it also managed to do quite well on the box office. So, we suggest that you should definitely check this movie out as it might just be the light romantic watch that you might have been looking for.

If you are looking for a Bollywood romantic movie that will bring some tears to your eyes then you should definitely check this movie out.

Actors Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande have been in a steady relationship and plan to get married this year.

Dec 28,   We're nearing the end of , and the year has been peppered with high-profile celebrity breakups. We've seen broken engagements, broken vows, and the splitsHome Country: US.

Cricketer Yuvraj and model Hazel Keech plan to tie the knot in February Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. PM Modi, CMs not in favour of lifting lockdown entirely.

Govt plans random testing for community surveillance. Enzyme makes men vulnerable to coronavirus disease. Sonam Kapoor shares glimpse inside lavish home with Anand Ahuja, see pics. Taapsee Pannu reveals what her family thinks of her boyfriend. White House directs staff to wear masks after officials contract coronavirus.

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