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Do It Yourself: 10 Steps to creating your own blog. There are so many great Christian websites on the internet today. I am only capturing ten of them in this article so a lot of them will be missed. These ten sites are ones to check out if you are not currently using them. Crystal McDowell offers a daily devotional that you can get in your email, through Facebook or find directly on the website. The daily devotional also comes with a great Bible verse image that is perfect for sharing.

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Catholics who vote for these men are automatically excommunicated as accomplices to abortion Latae Sententiae under Canon Law Anyone who believes that moral incompetence is not a political issue,should ask themselves why this country is in danger of losing its moral compass. No prayers allowed in public or in our schools.

Liberal,secular degeneration so obvious in the media that is effecting the value system of our children in a very negative way. A Christian majority has allowed a secular minority to establish a new moral code that will ultimately force Catholics Hospitals to perform abortions and Christians to practice their religions very quietly and in a way that does not violate the "rights" of a liberal,secular minority.

And new definitions of what is right and what is wrong will become the law of our land. It is already happening. Those who tolerate evil will be consumed by it. John Feltman. Interesting list of sites that give an indication as to what is being provided online by way of ministry for Christians.

Christian science dating website

It is quite unique in that there are four different writers per month, each covering a week of daily articles. Lots of other solid stuff for young Christians as well. Great list, thanks for taking the time to put it together. There were some on here I did not know about. I love the sites you have listed.

Hovind goes on to show that he knows absolutely nothing about the science of Carbon Dating. He says "Although this technique looks good at first, carbon dating rests on two simple assumptions. They are, obviously, assuming the amount of carbon in the atmosphere has always been constant, and its rate of decay has always been constant.". The Christian Science Church in Hudson, Ohio has been a part of the community for many years. Our church is found on Valley View Road west of Darrow Road (St. 91) and just south of East Hines Hill Road. All are welcome at our services, to enroll children in our Sunday School, and to use our Reading Room. Top 10 Christian Websites. is a much better website. They integrate the Bible and science, showing the two to be completely compatible when properly understood, while still rejecting evolution. jawhite July 18, Paul, I have to disagree with you. Either the Earth is young or we can't trust the rest of the Bible.

It is wonderful that we as Christians finally are having more choices on the web. I also visit ChristianWebsite. Best bible study website. Oh no!!! I believe "Church Swindoll" would appreciate being called "Chuck.

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The site has some good material that is not covered on most sites. Are there some SEO experst here? We could help to make these sites to be visited by many people. There are many ways that we can do.

These sites are all great and really happy that we still have sites that can give us the need for our spirits. Me - pretty cool. Also checked few others. Good article.

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Where is UltimateTube. A great place to share your Christian Videos. Really sad news for any church. Turning the church into business is really unfortunate. Why voting etc? Just found this site and I am surprised that there are only 10 sites that are in the Top Ten.

Creation Science Rebuttals

I had already run across Crosswalk. I hope that you will view mine. Hello, I created a christian community about two years ago.

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It's about connecting Christians al over the world and to be a tool for churches and congregations in there work, we also have a large church database where you can find churches in different countries around the world.

Please check it out and see if this are fitted in in your top 50 list or top 10 list www. You're doing the Christian community a huge disservice by recommending Answers in Genesis and Ken Ham. They are entirely wrong about the age of the Earth and Universe, and a lot of other things too numerous to mention here.

They integrate the Bible and science, showing the two to be completely compatible when properly understood, while still rejecting evolution. Paul, I have to disagree with you. Either the Earth is young or we can't trust the rest of the Bible.

I trust the entire Bible to be accurate If you read Genesis it's obvious God anticipated this debate so he made it perfectly clear. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

Notice this phrase is used at the end of each day of creation. I've read a lot of debates about the translation of the word day yom. The translation is defined in the verse by saying that evening and morning was a day. I don't use Biblegateway unless I have to. I can't click on the words to find their definitions so I use Blueletterbible instead. I've also found Bible. As far as the Christian Post is concerned, they can do better vetting of their articles and be more accountable and start kicking off the rabid activists who come to fight people in the comment section who publically do so because they view us as taking away their rights to sin.

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They've published articles by women pastors and write articles that can't be true. That isn't to say that some of the articles aren't helpful. Visit SaveASinner. We inspire people through success stories.

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Any time you hear someone saying things like "it's obvious" and "perfectly clear," you can bet he hasn't done his homework. Keep reading, jawhite. You haven't learned the truth yet. The Hebrew word "yom" has many possible meanings. Since there is disagreement over which meaning is used in Genesis, we need to look to God's creation for additional information, where it has been definitively proven that the Earth is over 4.

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Don't just take Ken Ham's word for things. Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find Watching as shared in ProverbsLukeand Revelation I love all the sites but i think crosswalk. Also, please check out ReasontoBelieve. These two great "books" will never contradict one another. Please consider perusing the two websites mentioned above. The young-earth communities and websites are unfortunately not always academically or ethically sound.

Don't let them fool you into thinking that Day-age creationists are not actually Bible-believing Christians or "compromisers" as they like to portray. This couldn't be farther from the truth. I am a newer christian 2years and I have searched around looking for good sites that offer small group bible studies,christian fellowship and a place that I can just ask questions. Today I found your site that offered the 10 best christian web sites and I cannot believe how helpful it has been.

I know have all the study tool sites,fellowship sites and then some that I could ever want!

What Is Christian Science

I can listen to christian sermons etc. As you have probably guessed I am not the most internet savvy person around but you have brought everything that could possibly interest me to me in one place.

For someone in need of some guidance concerning this subject you are literally a God send.

Christian Science Dating Sites If a sexy babe is ready to spend the wildest time with you, we are sure you will Christian Science Dating Sites be having a memorable experience. Furthermore, with our cheap escorts you can talk and have a great time . Christian Science Dating Website, free dating site similar to wooplus, online dating app south africa, 50 cent dating ciara still/ Christian Connection runs regular dating events where you can meet other single Christians in a fun, relaxed environment. You can also discover local events near you on our free dating board, or create your own! There are frequent gatherings in restaurants, bars, churches, museums or country walks.

Thankyou so much and I will look forward to all that God has planned for me as I strengthen my relationship with Him. Hi Jeff! I have a new website for Christians and would love for you to check it out. Would appreciate your feedback.

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Thanks for the list of web sites. Consistent with an earlier commentator, a favorite of mine is an online Bible research website called the Blue Letter Bible. The one BLB resource I use the most is the primary resource, namely, the Bible Search, which is found at the top on the home page.

Once you arrive to a particular Bible verse, you will then find links to various study aids relating to the Bible verse. As an attorney at law, I appreciate excellent research tools, and for Bible study tools, the Blue Letter Bible is at the top of my list. Check out my site for online accountability, community and coaching for Christian men and women!

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Who were the past years top sites? Fred June 25, Your listings are way off checking them against Alexa. Jeff White June 26, Wayne July 7, You shoud also included Christianbooks - have everything and also Righteous Gifts - got some good christian gifts I buy from those 2 a lot. There are definatley many other sites I go to though. Palma Copen August 16, I love nerds, and I love nerd dating sites for supporting the intellects, the enthusiasts, the bookworms, and the sapiosexuals of the world.

We salute everyone who considers themselves a nerd at heart. Match has been around for more than two decades, making it the most established dating site in the industry. And with 30 million members and Once you sign up, select as many of your interests as you want as well as those you want your ideal match to have.

ASHLEY MADISON: "Life is short. Have an affair."

A leader in the dating app space, Zoosk is a great choice for busy nerds, geeks, and dorks who are practically attached to their phones. For free, you can create and maintain a profile, browse members, take advantage of their advanced matchmaking system, and send virtual flirts.

SoulGeek has all the usual bells and whistles but also has a free dating advice blog and free lists of events and conventions around the country.

Create an account for free! A basic subscription on this free nerd dating site allows you to fill out your information and modify it at anytimeupload pictures, search for and receive magical matches, and send various virtual flirts. Accio love! Nerd Passions consistently ranks among the go-to online dating sites for nerds as well as the go-to social media platforms for nerds. So, go ahead and join, view profiles, chat, interact in the messages boards, and send private emails - no wallet is necessary!

Our second dating site for Star Trek fans, Trek Passions is as straightforward as they come.

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