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I watched some clips of "the collaboration" the other day and I can tell he was feeling bad, physically and emotionally :. I'm glad SVT's Jun was there to comfort him. How could we ever forget you, Yanan? Aww i was wondering why he was also going on hiatus. I hope he gets well. It's perfect time to make this thread alive again which was ignored due to EDawnxHyuna's love story and there are people questioning what did Yan An do for Cube to punish him through not being present in the group's next comeback.

Night Mode. Posted by beansss Friday, August 3, If you recall, in the early morning of August 2, HyunA and Pentagon's E'Dawncurrently promoting in project group Triple Hbecame wrapped up in dating rumors.

Cube Entertainment promptly denied the rumors, stating that the two were only close sunbae-hoobaes; however, the two ultimately admitted to media outlets that they are, in fact, dating. The dating scandals within Cube Entertainment didn't stop there. According to Cube Entertainment, the two labelmates dated in the past, but are already broken up.

Netizens are shocked by the number of dating rumors that Pentagon became involved in, in a matter of just one day.

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Some commented, "Can you guys please not hurt the other members with your dating news""Mmm bye Pentagon""Apparently they don't prevent idols from dating even though they're rookies""This makes me disappointed; you can start dating when you're somewhat established you know, but if you're a fresh rookie, then Wow, so they get to date comfortably while making money""I was getting super into Pentagon lately but I'm so disappointed now"etc.

Some netizens claimed that various Pentagon fansites announced a hiatus after the wave after wave of dating scandals. Share this article.

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He was supposed to be attracted to humans only. He was supposed to seduce them only.

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A rare acting opportunity on the hottest new romantic drama show soon presents itself to the two, but so do new feelings and a bunch of new and old suitors. He knows that Hongseok will be another mistake.

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And fucking terrified. He survived on a poor diet consisting of a few bites of overcooked ramen and several bottles of water and energy drinks.

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In that moment I couldn't think. I just moved.

I grabbed my clothes sitting on the bedside table and put them on. I ripped the IV out of my arm.

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Sep 01,   don't worry yanan, we love you. Aug 22,   E'dawn and Yanan Hiatus:). didn't want to anger kfans by having them know how much support he really has in the west and how little we care about dating "scandals". Jun 4,

The heart monitor started beeping loudly. I quickly ran out of the room and down the hallway.

[VIETSUB] JUN (SEVENTEEN), YANAN (PENTAGON), TIA [email protected] 180823 chao Yin Zhan Ji

Don't look back, leave. Out of the hospital I ran not knowing where I was going first.

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Adachi Yuto and Kang Hyunggu are both boys with special abilities. While Hyunggu could see people's aura, Yuto was able to hear soft melody coming from the other every time he touched them.

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This summer is the first one that Hui will be spending away from all of his friends since he met them. Hongseok is nannying for his nieces LA, Jinho is doing musicals in Busan, Yan An is working in Shanghai, Hyunggu is at a dance workshop in Nagasaki, and Hui is left in Seoul to deal with his bi-awakening all by no pun intended himself.

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That is until Hyojung enters his life through a late-night emergency text and worms his way into Hui's heart along with his own crew of misfits out on international adventures of their own. Or, Hui and co find themselves apart for an entire summer for the first time in forever.

Aug 03,   The dating scandals within Cube Entertainment didn't stop there. Some time afterward, photos of Pentagon's Hui and (G)I-DLE's Soojin on a "shopping date" arm in arm brought on the second dating Author: Beansss. Yanan, a vampire, imprints on the stoic Wooseok. Neither of them are happy about it. Language: English Or the one in which Kang Hyunggu and Choi Hana have been dating since they were 14 and everything changes when a Japanese boy transfers into their class. Jun/Xu Ming Hao | The8 (18) Jung Wooseok/Kang Hyunggu | Kino (18). - Yanan was a contestant of a Chinese show called "The Collaboration" together with Seventeen's Jun and THE8 and Samuel. - In Pentagon's dorm, Yan An & Yeo One share a room. - On August 22, Cube announced on Pentagon's official social media that Yanan will go on hiatus due to his health.

The only thing keeping them together is a group chat, an old iPod, and the promise of a k-pop concert at the end of the summer.

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