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The New 52 is a DC Comics event marking the relaunch of its entire line with the publication of 52 new comic series, all beginning at 1. In September, , DC Comics consolidated and relaunched their comic lines, discontinuing some series, and introducing yet other series, resulting in 52 titles, each with a new 1. That consolidation included the incorporation of both the Wildstorm Productions and the reincorporation of certain Vertigo properties into the mainstream DC Universe. The event takes its name from the company's thematic associations with the number 52, which began with the publication of the weekly series 52 , in which it was revealed that a Multiverse of 52 parallel realities existed within the DC Universe. These are the list of all fifty-two titles in the first wave:.

I'm going to throw another Grant Morrison quote at you. Since you consider his opinion so highly regarded. One that I think you should reflected on when you see illogical moments in comics. Or as in this case Batman's relevance. Adults foolishly demand to know how Superman can possibly fly, or how Batman can possibly run a multibillion-dollar business empire during the day and fight crime at night, when the answer is obvious even to the smallest child: because it's not real.

I would've loved it if there was a long time romantic relationship between those two in PreN I'm not sure I'd like it in New 52, they don't even talk very much or have any mutual respect between them and she's dating he's best friend. But I prefer her with Orion and him with Zatanna.

One thing for sure is her relationship with Superman doomed more than it could've been with Batman. As for Grant Morrison comment, some people are misinterpreting him, all he said the concept of Batman was gay possibly refering to the Silver Agenot that Batman was gay, and he was not serious, you can see that from his comment about Alfred and Robin, he more than any one of us knows that they have Platonic relationship with Bruce because he has written them that way, and he created one of the most popular love interests for him, Jezebel Jet.

Even Superman's concept like Batman and Wonder Woman is somewhat gay. Its ususanneill.comofessional at best and forced at worse.

I don't really care if its been hinted at. Besides, I believe at one point WW blatantly states she's attracted to both of them Pre, so I don't see any less of a "hinted at" history with Superman.

Aquaman and WW were attached to each other as teenager and have kissed. Do I want to see them together? Members of the JLA shouldn't date each other - at least not the big 7. As said, its ususanneill.comofessional at best. These guys are the leaders of the hero world and represent the best of them, we don't need some soap opera crap distracting from that message.

A lot actually - but not because they're together. It would be just as good, possibly better if they were just teaming up to fight bad guys and weren't dating. Diana is better off with Steve Trevor, he keeps her grounded, far more than Batman. Even she's far better being independent! Id say you think Batman isnt written with PIS in the crossover books, and doesnt overshadow the other star, because youre a batfanboy.

Sep 05,   The pair started up a relationship at the end of the first year of The New 52 era, and it lasted until the death of the New 52 much of that time, they co-headlined Superman/Wonder Author: Russ Burlingame. Aug 23,   The New 52 has done some interesting remodeling in the DC Comics universe, and one of the places where the renovations have caused the most controversy is, . In the New 52 the batman and wonder woman romance is not even hinted is the mildest. would you like to see a New 52 romance or are you happy with Superman and Wonder Woman.

Youd argue that I disagree because im a bat-hater. It just goes round and round, and its pointless. As someone who actually likes Superman, for example, i thought his portrayal at Batman's hands in the Annual was appalling and inconsistent with his usual showings. You would disagree, because presumably you dont like Superman.

You wouldnt even recognize it was happening, because youre seeing from a Batfans perspective, not a "X fan's perspective".

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As a Wonder Woman fan, id be disgusted. I have the collectors edition of Injustice, and from the context of the game, i took that statue completely differently than you apparently did. And I dont care what the general audience thinks about comics they dont even read, I dont even care what BatFanboys think. As long as im having a good time, thats all I really need. And yeah, id say homo-eroticism is a big ct in Batman's conceptualization.

But id go further and say Batman is a cipher for people's outsider fantasies.

nice idea good

Theres nothing wrong with it, in my mind, but im not part of the audience for such a character. Ive never felt ostracized, so concepts like "Superman and Wonder Woman dating is like a jock and a cheerleader" never bothered me, but it sure riles up BatFans. As both a Batman and Wonder Woman I would them both to be working together and be shown equal. I would also like them to admire each other's abilities and skills.

New 52 superman and wonder woman dating

I would say it is also part of Wonder Woman's conceptualization as well one more thing they have it in common. That wasn't that bad for superman fans. He was weakened by kryptonite and a kick from jochi. I know usually supes doesn't get affected that much by kryptonite but I heard he fainted in the presence of it in new 52 and I know he was ghastly sick in trinity war from it.

So it seems its starting to actually affect him in new Which is a good thing. His weakness should actually affect him. No shame in getting beat with your weakness right?

I never said you were a Bathater. I brought up the possibility of your bias nature. That was it. I could play your childish games of pointing finger.

But, I won't. I'm not a Batman fanboy, I just like the character.

Superman and Wonderwoman Out On A Date

I'm willing to give him more credit than you are. I'm willing to believe that he is not the embodiment of everything that is wrong with DC Comics. I'm just not one sided on my opinion on these character interactions with each other. I wish you could say the same. I would disagree becuase I believe that it's not a severe as you like to make it.

Everytime Superman is put in situation with Batman, the writers make it very clear of the logic of Batman's being.

assured, that

However, that not good enough for you. You wouldn't be satisfied unless the writer made it even more blatantly obvious of Superman's superiority. So your whole argument is base on assumptions. You have nothing to back up your claims and will continue to says things like: Wonder Woman would just worship Batman and I'm a Batfanboy.

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This is the type of person I'm trying to have a debate with? Clearly, considering that you are not at all concerned with how negative a character like Superman affect her as a character. But, as long if it's Superman and not Batman who cares right? You're having fun, that's all that matters. I could make a case that I'm a big fan of Superman. Or should I say pre Superman.

The New 52

I'm still waiting for Superman to get back to that similar characterization. Greg Pak so far has been doing a good job at that. But, I feel that would be a lost cause.

sorry, that

I not here to change your mind. That is clearly a wasteful act. I'm here to make a case and that is all.

Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Power Couple takes up where the couple's relationship started, in Justice League. Unlike other titles, including Wonder Woman, which seem to live in a vacuum, Superman/Wonder Woman is entrenched in the DC universe. There's Batman, the Justice League and even the Justice League of America/5. Is an ongoing New 52 series that focuses on the romance of the Kryptonian Alien, Superman and the Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman. Joining together, they must face whatever enemies they face and. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice producer Charles Roven says they'll be using Wonder Woman's DC Comics' "New 52" reboot origin rather than the story imagined by her original writer and creator.

You don't have to agreed. Instead of just Clark's. Maybe, just maybe you will see the harm to her from characters on Superman's level.

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Maybe read some fans of Wonder Woman opinions on this whole situation. Then I'm sure you will see how one sided the relationship really is at it's core. Its very neutral, and I respect that. Kudos man. Look at the second scan to see the heavy hitters involved. And he goes along in this condition for several issues, fighting heavy hitters the whole time.

Basically, the only time K-Nite has had much effect is when it is coupled with Batman. That ring sure did make him faint And it was Batman's ring. If the writers wanted to, they could make it so Batman just gave off some unexplained aura that depowers Superman, and i'd actually prefer it, because it would explain the inconsistency.

It might end some of the PIS claims and batman bashing. For now though, the only explanation I can come up with is that Batman's kryptonite was much bigger than the little piece inside his brain, but that's still inconsistent because it should have an even stronger effect inside his brain. So it doesn't make sense either way. Cool idea though haha. If I was as insecure as some of the others on here, I could even make the argument that Superman has been portrayed as the submissive partner in the relationship.

The problem for you and people like you is that youre looking at each showing of Supes and Wondy as a competition, instead of how it all comes together in the narrative. Whereas with Batman, she would have to be gimped just to make him relevant. Anything Batman contributed would be PIS. We just disagree. Its a severe difference in perception, with your batfandom and my preference for literally any other character.

Its insulting to weaken another character, just to make the "normal human" who everyone likes because he's "just a man" look useful. And maybe you should just accept this is how Superman is now, and that the pre52 is never coming back. Either get with the program or move on. For my last statement, I would say you should look at any team up book that Batman has been in since the New52 started, from the less popular characters perspectives.

Regardless of concentration, the ring has an auto shield. Or how about this: As I posted above, the only time K-nite instantly turns Superman into jelly is when Batman is involved. Marston spoke openly of the potential for superhero comics to reach kids, teaching them values and opening their minds to new ideas. It got him a job as educational consultant at All-American Comics, then sister company of DC Comics with which it later merged.

A contest is held and Princess Diana is chosen, the best and brightest Amazon. Months later, her origin expands in the pages of Sensation Comics 1. Diana is the only child on Paradise Island, born without the need of a father. Longing for a daughter, Hippolyta sculpted one out of clay and the goddess Aphrodite gave it life. Here, Marston gave us the Galatea myth with a superhero twist.

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She has a support network around her, a community of Amazons who are warriors, philosophers and scientists. As the first and only child born on Paradise Island, she is their avatar of the future.

The goddess of Olympus resurrected them and named them the new Amazon race, eventually giving them their Paradise Island home, named Themyscira. Diana was still made of clay but now she was named not after the goddess but rather a USAF pilot who had crashed on the island and then died while battling evil alongside the Amazons. The new origin showed that Diana now owed power not just to Aphrodite but to several goddesses, as well as the god Hermes, while Gaea herself was the one to give her clay form life.

That last part is key. She likes a good fight, but for the sport and competition rather than violence and combat glory. In the crossover DC One Million, she suggested superheroes should have their own Olympics so they could learn to celebrate their powers instead of only using them for battle.

How fun is that? For years, Marston showed Diana often reaching out to her enemies, sometimes even helping to rehabilitate them. That is not at all what Marston intended and successfully delivered for years. There have also been instances where people have taken the wrong message from major stories. Inthe mini-series Kingdom Come showed a future where some superheroes lost their way, including Superman and Wonder Woman. This older, alternate universe version of Diana was colder, more a warrior, bringing a sword into battle because she believed some villains were simply monsters to be stopped.

Yet some fans and creators ignored this and instead concluded yes, Wonder Woman should always act the way she did in Kingdom Come, she should always carry a sword and wear battle armor. But I think those elements should be used to emphasize that certain battles are more serious than others, or more epic. If Diana is always walking around with a sword, it becomes less special.

Diana with a sword all the time is, to me, like seeing Superman carry a sword or a gun all the time. In a story leading up to the crossover Infinite Crisis, Diana used lethal methods on a human villain named Maxwell Lord when she believed it was the only way to end a threat.

This led to conflict with Superman and Batman. The Wonder Woman creative team wanted to emphasize that Batman was not furious at Diana but rather saddened that if someone as good and noble as she could corrupt their principles concerning the sanctity of life, then perhaps there was no hope for places like Gotham City. But this was outvoted by the higher ups and instead Batman was flat out angry that Diana took a human life, an act for which he would listen to no justification which is out of character with how he has treated cops, military personnel and certain other heroes in the past.

It may have thrown purists for a loop when the New 52 Superman ending up in a relationship with Wonder Woman instead of Lois Lane, but I actually really enjoyed this pairing for what it was. The first volume of this series was easily my favorite as the pairing deals with both the travails of dating while enjoying newfound celebrity as the world /5(98). Welp, Superman Just Dumped Wonder Woman. You in this week's Superman/Wonder Woman Clark and Lois have never been romantically linked in the four-year-old New 52 incarnation of the DC.

For some, she was now simply a superhero who would kill when it made sense to her, a humorless version of Xena. This story was followed by an even more violent version of Diana, a conqueror who warred against men and was featured in the crossover Flashpoint for several months. I dislike how the Amazons were portrayed, but the series still delivered dramatic stories that often presented Diana as a woman with many facets, who would reach out in friendship and relied on intelligence even when others advised straightforward violence as the easiest solution.

So what was this new origin? Due to her unique origin, many of the other girls saw her as a freak, not a human but a thing made of clay. While some writers like Gail Simone certainly played with the idea that some Amazons might feel this way and become enemies, Diana now lost the support system Marston envisioned and grew up as an outsider who never truly felt part of her community. Before, the Amazons had advanced technology and Wonder Woman herself was a scientist.

Marston had her create the healing Purple Ray device.

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