Think, gao wei guang and dilraba dating can

And the shipping ends? Your model boy Vengo Gao is off the market! His supposed girlfriend unidentified visited him at a hotel and they spent the night. In the morning, he even responded to the people custodian? This was done on purpose, me thinks, to put all Peach Blossom fangirls to peace about him and Dilraba.

This guy is somebody from Charlene Choi, a relationship that was rumored to be wrecked by Zhao Liying.

20 rows  Gao Weiguang is a Chinese actor. Gao debuted as a model after winning 3rd place . Apr 09,   [Official] Gao Wei Guang / Vengo Gao / ??? Dilraba Dilmurat / Di Li Re Ba / ???? - Next project "The Pillow Book" By ReemKanabta, March 30, in shippers' paradise gao wei guang. Analysis on the Relationship between Vengo Gao & Dilraba Dilmurat (Gao Weiguang & Dilireba) reba livestreams- comments ask if she's eaten, she says "wei (weiguang)- I have already ordered takeaway" (the chinese word for "I" is wo (?)), later, you can hear a male voice say "seafood noodles" and at various times you can hear the.

He was also passed on after Angela baby? And just had a misleading news with BrunaAnyway, if she confirms happily, we should be happy for her. Dilireba is much prettier than baby.

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William Chan is Actually Dating Dilireba? Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

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Dilireba shows off sexy Diliraba legs; boyfriend William Chan, not Gao Weiguang, Luhan 27 March - Dilireba (26, Diliraba or Dilraba Dilmurat) is one of the most popular brand ambassadors of the moment in China. Mar 30,   9 thoughts on " Love Bug Report: Vengo Gao caught shirtless at a Hotel " peach on March 31, at am said: Agree with the comments here about the chemistry between Dilraba and Vengo lol. May 24,   [Official] Gao Wei Guang / Vengo Gao / ??? Dilraba Dilmurat / Di Li Re Ba / ???? - Next project "The Pillow Book" Community game: Join us for 'continue the story' No, Dili is not dating William Chan (I like him though). Both denied the rumor and they are close friends now. About Vengo, the clip is manipulated from here to.

Login or Register before you can reply to happybi. It looked like Vengo when he entered the room but I can't tell whether it was him or not that opened the door. Anyone watches Running Brother?

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I am more afraid of Luhan interaction with Dili now : even though I know the program makes them a couple. Luhan seems interested in Dili who's not.

Gao wei guang and dilraba dating

ReemKanabta this one definitely looked much better. I don't like the beard. It made him look like an old pervert.

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Think he and Zhang Yunlong got abit of "acting fate" I agree they do seem pretty close in real life. I watch some of their behind the scenes interaction and I can see Dili pays more attention to Vengo and vice versa, but with her other co-stars actors she seem nonchalant towards them. I think part of the reason why they're so close might be the fact that Dili was so young when she first starred with Vengo and so he sees her as a little sister in the beginning.

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He seem pretty caring of her in a brotherly way, but who knows what he feels about her now since she's a lot older and more mature. Too bad we won't get to see Vengo and Dili reprise their role for Don hua and Fengjiu cuz I can't picture anyone else playing the characters.

Vengo looks so handsome in uniform.

Love Bug Report: Vengo Gao caught shirtless at a Hotel

Anyone feels that Vengo is like a chameleon? Sometimes he can look so different.

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I think it's because his hairstyle. Compare the pic above and the one from Mr pride and miss prejudice or from the press conference of 3L3W. Vengo in some photos and his age gave ppl a mature and serious char One thing is his look So while his look makes him look compatible with Reba Also his acting experience Born innow 34yo.

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Some info on him That area in ancient history had some relations to ancient Korea and also nearly Russian lands. Anyway to think one is from northeast, the other from the west Xinjiang.

Wow thanks Cedric for all the infos you bring us, it's really appreciated, I knew he's often mistaken for being of a mixed blood but didn't know that would affect work!!

Jan 05,   So were the speculations of William Chan (???) dating Brazilian model Bruna G. Marth just a cover up?. According to Hong Kong media reports, the Hong Kong actor and his Swords of Legends costar Dilraba Dilmurat, also known as Dilireba (????), have actually been secretly dating for over a year; reportedly, his alleged relationship with Bruna . Jan 25,   Dilireba and Vengo Gao won the hearts of fans after their portrayal as the ill-fated lovers Feng Jiu and Dong Hua in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Did you kno Skip navigation.

No, the part where his looks restrict roles is just my assumption Just feel actresses with "exotic" looks might be more popular than actors with "exotic" looks.

Furthermore Reba is a younger actress You're certainly most welcome dear. I Google translated and it looks like he said: "Look at it,".

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By jaexsong Started November 13, By CarolynH Started June 21, By angelangie Started October 3, By 0ly40 Started February 6. Reply to this topic. Posted May 1, I'll translate the above clip H ost : Use one sentence to describe movie.

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V engo : Story about a dog and a cat courting a "goddess" meaning beautiful lady H : How u feel about the previous drama Reba pursue u in 3 Lives and this movie, u pursue her? V : Yes. Not bad. H : Among the actresses u carried, who is heavier?

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